An Australian father-of-20 is encouraging social media sperm donation

Adam Hooper has two naturally-conceived children from a previous marriage and estimates he has around 18 more children born via sperm donation.

The 37-year-old, from Perth, has been building an online community of private sperm donors and now has thousands of members around the globe.

After he visits New Zealand this month, he then plans to come to the UK to encourage more men to donate privately.

This process involves doing it away from a clinic setting – where children cannot contact their father until they are 18.

The former construction worker says he has regular contact with his donor children and sometimes the half siblings meet up for play dates.

Adam says: ‘Facebook is my main platform and we have had thousands of babies born from these groups.

‘I am breaking down the stigma around private sperm donation. I want to spread that across the globe and the UK has a donor shortage.’

Adam estimates he has personally helped around 19 families, having recently had a baby born in Sweden.

He adds: ‘I don’t count, I learnt from the very start from speaking to donor conceived people, they don’t want to be a number.

‘This isn’t an ego match and I don’t want that in my community.

‘Everyone is screened, so everyone can feel safe.

‘I’ve helped more people than I ever intended to, I definitely have more sons than daughters, but I would rather donate to 20 families and know who they all, than donate in a clinic and never know.

‘I have never regretted donating to anyone I’ve helped and especially without the complications of donor anonymity.’

Adam stresses he’s happy to help single women, same sex couples and families with fertility issues – and says his community is a quicker alternative to fertility clinics, which often have long wait lists and costs.

Sharing his thoughts on sperm clinics, he said: ‘There was no guarantee who would pick my sperm or that I or my daughters would ever find out who they were. That did not sit right with me at all.

‘I need to get to know them and be sure that their morals and values resonate with mine.

‘You can’t get that when you choose anonymously from a piece of paper.

‘I have to be 100% happy where my sperm goes because ultimately these children and families are related to my eldest daughters.’

Adam adds that it was after he had his daughters that his ‘parental instinct was so strong’ he wanted to give the gift to others, too.

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