Andy Cohen Hilariously Quizzes His Dad on Housewives Trivia for Father's Day

Andy Cohen is putting his dad to the test.

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, the Watch What Happens Live host created a special trivia quiz using Amazon’s Alexa Skill Blueprint to hilariously grill his father Lou.

In a video Cohen, 50, shared on Instagram, Alexa hits Lou with the first question: What is his son’s “grossest habit?” (The options are sucking the flavors off of Doritos, clipping his toenails in bed, picking his nose while driving or taking only one shower a week.)

Lou guesses correctly: It’s the Doritos!

Up next, Alexa asks which Housewives cast Cohen thinks is more funny: the Real Housewives of New York City, the Real Housewives of Atlanta, or a tie between the two.

Lou guesses Atlanta, but turns out it’s a tie. As Alexa soundly points out, “Andy’s always had a hard time picking favorites.”

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