Another Italian priest streaming mass doesn't realise he has filter on

Italian priest leaves Twitter users in hysterics after broadcasting a service while his phone’s cartoon filters transformed him into a wolf and a boxer

  • Italian priest was not amused when he turned on Instagram filters by accident
  • Man of faith was streaming his mass to followers during Covid-19 confinement
  • Didn’t realise he had switched the filters on, and was convinced it was a prank 
  • Video of the hilarious moment left Twitter users in stitches earlier today  

A priest left Twitter users in hysterics after he turned his phone’s filters on and was transformed into a wolf and boxer while leading mass. 

In a hilarious video shared on Twitter, the unnamed Italian priest could be heard addressing his followers during a live-stream while several cartoon photo filters pass on his face. 

Not realising he had turned the filters on himself, he went on to scold whoever was ‘pulling a prank’ on him.

Social media users were left in stitches over the moment, with many saying it was the light relief they needed.  

An unnamed priest, from Italy, has left Twitter users in hysterics after he attempted to livestream his service while phone filters transformed his face (pictured left, the boxer filter and right, a wolf) 

After the filters began popping up on his livestream, the priest became convinced someone was pulling a prank on his and scolded ‘whoever was “drawing” on his face’

Italy has been on lockdown since 9 March, and several priests have turned to social media in order to broadcast masses to their church. 

The delightful clip started with the priest sporting a serious expression as organ music played in the background, while cartoon filters continued rolling out. 

The priest appeared not to find the filters funny, but instead grew convinced he was the victim of a prank.   

When the music stopped playing, the priest, who did not understand he was the one activating the filters, told his followers: ‘The person who keeps “drawing” on my face obviously likes to make jokes. 

Annoyed with the filter and unaware he was the one who had activated them, the priest said it was an inappropriate time for jokes (pictured left, with a moustache filter and right, a wizard) 

‘But I think this is not the right time to laugh, thank you,’ he added. 

The video has been watched more than 34,000 times on Twitter after it was shared by a French user. 

‘When an Italian priest starts to stream but activates filters…’ she wrote. 

The priest tried to maintain a presence while the filters rolled out across his face on the broadcast (pictured)

Twitter users were left in hysterics by the collection of filters, as well as the priest’s reaction to the suspected ‘prank’ 

Social media users were left in hysterics over the clips, with one commenting: ‘That was great. I think it was just what everybody needed.’ 

‘Now that’s funny,’ said another. 

Another wrote: ‘Holy mother!  This had me rolling on the floor laughing my a** off!’

People loved the video, with some saying it was ‘just what everybody needed’ amid the coronavirus pandemic

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