Ariana Grande’s Ex Big Sean ‘Isn’t Surprised’ By Her Engagement: She’s ‘Obsessed’ With Marriage

Ariana Grande’s sudden engagement to Pete Davidson caught everyone by surprise – except Big Sean. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that Ari’s ex always felt pressured to put a ring on it when they were together!

One moment, Ariana Grande, 24, and Pete Davidson, 24, were celebrating their young love when suddenly — they’re engaged. As the rest of the world recovers from this romantic whiplash and asking if things were happening too soon, Big Sean, 30, is just sitting back and sipping that tea. It turns out that the “Bounce Back” rapper saw this engagement coming from a mile away. “When Ariana and Sean were together,” a friend of Big Sean EXCLUSIVELY tells, “she pressured him constantly about getting engaged,” adding that Ari really wanted him to “put a ring on it.”

However, Sean was “gun shy because he was just coming off his broken engagement with Naya [Rivera] or he probably would have done it because Ariana was very high pressure. She even showed him the exact ring she wanted.” Wow. Had the timing been different, Big Sean may have been the future Mr. Ariana Grande, instead of pete. With this firsthand experience as to how much Ariana wanted to get wed, the source says that Sean “isn’t shocked that she’s engaged to a guy she’s only been dating a few weeks. He knows how obsessed she is with the idea of getting married.”

However, don’t take this as shade from a former lover, as the source says Big Sean is “very glad he’s not the one she roped into an engagement, [but] he wishes Pete good luck.” Hey, who knows? Maybe he gets an invite to the wedding? Probably not, but it’s good to know that he’s at a space where he’s wishing the happy couple the best in their new adventure. It’s better than the salt coming from Mac Miller, 26, who can’t stand seeing his ex and Pete share their love on social media.

Pete and Ariana first sparked romance rumors in the middle of May. They seemingly confirmed the relationship later that month via Instagram flirting, and the two took their first pics as a couple a few days after that. Then, boom. Before anyone could do a double-take, Ariana’s flaunting a massive rock on her finger before confirming that yes, this engagement is real and notSaturday Night Live skit. Leave it to her fans to get the truth out of her. When one informed Ariana that Pete should know “he is marrying us as well,” Ariana laughed and said that her fiancé has “been briefed.”

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