Artist’s ‘disturbing, utterly fascinating’ act confuses crowd at upscale Hamptons benefit

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An art gala in the Hamptons over the weekend raised $1.2 million — and almost as many eyebrows.

At the Parrish Art Museum’s Midsummer Dance — co-hosted by oil heiress Ivy Getty and socialite Laurence Milstein — a performance artist called Narcissister put on a “very shocking, disturbing, but utterly fascinating” show, a patron told Page Six, that involved, “extracting a seemingly endless pale blue ribbon from her neither regions.”

“It was like the Box comes to Southampton,” remarked the guest, referring to the infamous erotic downtown Manhattan cabaret.

The source said that Narcissister, “appeared first [in costume] as a wolf on all fours, and proceeded to strip down to [become] a masked, doll-like figure with clown shoes.”

Then, “things turned interesting when she ‘went full-frontal,’ and extracted a seemingly endless pale blue ribbon from her neither regions,” said our spy.

The edgy show even sparked debate among some of the well-heeled (maybe more gullible) guests as to whether the ribbon extraction was real.

Then again, the artist has previously performed, and appeared at events, with faux genitalia.

Vice’s art magazine, Garage, once listed off things Narcissister pulled from between her legs at a 2017 show, including, “a cell phone, a large plastic turd, a wrinkled mask, a set of stockings, a string of pearls and a small dress.”

Back at the Hamptons gala, a source told us, “some theorized the performance was about giving birth and cutting the umbilical cord… others ran for the bar.”

Another upper crust insider mused of the artsy appearance, “It was not unlike what you’d see in the sex clubs of Bangkok.” (Narcissister has previously told the New York Times of herself, in the third person, of course, “A lot of what she’s doing is porn in an art context.”)

After the ribbon schtick, the performer, “tied balloons to the ribbon… before cutting them loose,” then, “pulled the balloons back to her, and sat on them until they popped.”

The former dancer has indeed worked at the Box, and even went more mainstream for an appearance on “America’s Got Talent.”

Guests shook off the show and spent the rest of the night dancing.

The following evening, there was a more serious affair as part of the museum’s anniversary celebrations, to honor Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Fred and Robin Seegal, and artists Eddie Martinez, Sam Moyer, and Hank Willis Thomas.

Quipped a Hamptons art source of the Narcissister performance the night before, “They’d never have gotten away with that at the big-ticket patron’s night…. The Parrish dance has gotten cool and edgy. I can’t wait to see how they’ll top this next year.”

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