As Dua Lipa rocks exposed thong, a stylist reveals how to wear trend

Thongs are BACK! As stars revive the racy 90s trend for showing off your barely-there underwear, a stylist reveals how to make it look trendy, not trashy – so are YOU brave enough to try?

  • London-based singer Dua Lipa is the latest star to embrace exposed thong 
  • But how do the A-listers pull off the style and make it appear fashionable? 
  • Celebrity stylist tells FEMAIL how everyday women can embrace the look

It’s one of the raciest trends of the last 30 years – but the exposed thong is firmly back in the fashion spotlight. 

Stars including Cardi B, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have been snapped with the strap of their barely-there underwear peeking out above the waistbands of their jeans and plunging backless dresses in recent months.

The latest celebrity to embrace the 90s look is British pop star Dua Lipa, 25, who stunned in a daring cut-out ‘thong-dress’ as she shared a series of sexy images from her recent trip to Mexico on Instagram.

But how do the A-listers pull off the style and make it appear fashionable? Celebrity stylist Rochelle White has told FEMAIL how everyday women can embrace the look ‘without appearing trashy’.

Her tips include avoiding bright colours and garish patterns and wearing an exposed thong for appropriate occasions, such as on a night out or for a day at the beach.

She also suggests keeping to comfortable fabrics and styles that you would usually wear.

Dua Lipa, 25, from London, stunned in a daring cut-out ‘thong-dress’ as she shared a series of sexy images from her recent trip to Mexico on Instagram earlier this month (pictured)

But she’s not the only celebrity to sport the ’90s look, with Cardi B (pictured) flaunting her bright pink thong teamed with matching wide-set leather trousers in a social media snap posted earlier this month

Keep your thong just peaking through 

Why are exposed thongs back in style? 

Celebrity stylist Rochelle White said popular social media pages dedicated to sharing throwbacks from the ’90s and early 2000s should be largely credited for keeping the trend in fashion.  

‘But, also TikTok,’ she added. ‘I feel that a lot of the TikTok creators (US based) have been slowly bringing back things like Von Dutch, glitter and now thongs on show. 

‘Also, the catwalk brought back the trend in 2020. Designer Maximilian Davis brought it back in her SS2021 London Fashion Week show. 

‘Not to mention British-Indian designer Supriya Lele and Donatella Versace also did the same.’

Celebrity stylist Rochelle White said: ‘Exposed thongs are making their comeback and are becoming more visible than ever. If you want to get involved in this trend as set by Dua lipa recently, look for thongs that suit your style. 

‘Look for styles that sit comfortably either on your trouser line or slight higher so that it is peaking through. 

‘If you fancy making a bit of a statement, the higher the better. Look for more high waisted thongs that sit higher than the trouser line and complement your hips.’

Avoid bright shades and match the colour with your outfit 

Rochelle explained: ‘When it comes to making it stylish, keep it neutral, basic and simple. 

‘Match the colours with the outfit that you are wearing and stay away from bright colours and garish patterns. 

‘Treat it as part of your overall outfit and how you would want it to be perceived as not everyone will want to see. 

‘However, if they do get a glace or peak, make it pleasing to the eye.’

Stick to comfortable fabrics like cotton 

‘What to look for when picking your thong style is comfort above everything else,’ insisted the celebrity stylist.

‘Look for comfortable fabrics like cotton, that is not only breathable but is great for all day wear. The key here is finding non irritating material. 

‘As thongs come in a range of styles from the itty bitty thong, G string thong, a good old retro high waisted thong to the everyday lacy thing, pick the one that best suits you and the outfits you wear or are planning on wearing.’

American model Bella Hadid (pictured) has also boasted the look, teaming white jeans and a matching top with a g-string

The Kardashian family also appear to be huge fans of the trend, with Kim Kardashian (pictured left) sporting the look towards the end of last year and Kendall Jenner showcasing an exposed thong back in February (pictured right)

Embrace lace styles to keep it classy 

The stylist said: ‘The best fabrics I would recommend for a classy look would be lace, nylon, and spandex and cotton. 

‘However, a mix of soft cotton and elastane can also be a good mix. Ones to avoid would be pure nylon or any material that is harsh on the skin and intimate area.’ 

Only wear the style to beach resorts, festivals or trendy bars

‘Really think about where you are going to be when planning on rocking your thong on show,’ said Rochelle. 

‘If you are planning a nice, posh meal or family restaurant or family holiday hotel or resort, maybe it is not a good idea. However, a trendy bar, night out with the girls or a partner, a beach location or even a festival/event, then go for it. 

‘It is important that while this may be a trend, it’s not a trend that everyone wants to see and experience. Be mindful in your thong and outfit choice.

Ahead of the curve, Kylie Jenner donned this daring look in 2019. She teamed bright green underwear with light blue jeans

Bella Hadid walks the runway at the Versace fashion show during the Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020, pictured left, and Hailey Bieber attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, right

The exposed thong look was a big hit in the ’90s, with actress Gillian Anderson trying out the trend when arriving at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party on March 25, 2001, in West Hollywood

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