Awards HQ May 31: ‘The Daily Show’ Installation; TikTok’s Emmy Submission; Hulu’s Free FYC Goodies; Netflix’s FYC Space; More!

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AWARDS CIRCUIT COLUMN: Peak TV Leads to Peak Emmy Awards Pitches, and They’re All Tripping Over Each Other

It’s the end of May, which means Emmy campaigns have already been underway for months. Our first special stand-alone Emmy issue is already out (more on that later), our Awards Circuit Podcast has been churning out two — and sometimes three — episodes a week with TV talent for two months now, and our coverage is all booked.And yet, we’re still getting last-minute pitches from talent reps anxious to get some coverage for their clients. And unfortunately, we have to tell them all the same thing: The door is closed, we’re all full up. But the sheer number of people we’ve been hearing from — frequently pitching the exact same stars and shows — has been stunning this year.An excerpt from this week’s column:

It’s daunting trying to cover the Emmy race in an era of so much prestige TV, just as I’m sure it’s challenging for the armies of publicists trying to get journalists interested in writing about their clients’ work.I’ve never had to turn away so many pitches on worthwhile shows, performers and producers as I’ve had to this year. Sure, there are limited slots in most categories for Emmy nominations, but there’s also a limit to how many podcasts I can produce, how many features our team can write and even how many panels any of us can moderate.In TV, there didn’t used to be such a thing as an “awards consultant” or a “head of awards.” It just fell on someone in PR or marketing to make sure submissions were sent to the Television Academy and For Your Consideration ads were purchased. But now there are so many TV awards consultants spending a good chunk of the year on campaigns that we’re often pitched by three or four different people on the same show or star. There’s usually an awkward back-and-forth as we figure out who is covering what, and it often leads to some contenders being over-covered and others being under-covered. It’s not a perfect system.

Read it all here.

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This Week’s Poll: Should the TV Academy Expand Key Categories to 10 Nominees?

The Television Academy has slowly been expanding the outstanding comedy and drama series categories to reflect the sheer volume of entrants… but it still doesn’t seem like enough, given this era of peak Peak TV.Maybe it will never be enough. There will always be snubs, at least until the streamers and networks pull back on the sheer number of productions they’re offering. Right now, comedy series and drama series have eight nominations, while all other categories — including limited series/anthology — rely on a tally of entrants to decide how many nominees there will be. Any category below 80 entrants receives five nominees, which is where limited series has resided — even though it arguably boasts the most competitive field.I’ve been saying for years that the key categories should go ahead and spread out to a nice, even ten nominees in the key categories — comedy, drama, limited/anthology and even competition. So what say you? Take this week’s poll! Click on the box below.


Meanwhile, here are the results from last week’s poll. The majority would like to see Jimmy Fallon host this year’s Emmys on NBC. Write-in candidates included the women of “Girls5eva,” and… the duo of Will Smith/Chris Rock. Somehow I don’t see that one happening. But stay tuned!

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WATCH MY SHOW: ‘The Offer’ Exec Producer Dexter Fletcher Answers our Showrunner Survey

You know “The Godfather,” of course you do. But Paramount+’s 10-episode limited series “The Offer” tells a story of how it got made. Created and written by Michael Tolkin (“Escape at Dannemora”) and also written and executive produced by Nikki Toscano (“Hunters”), “The Offer” stars Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple, Giovanni Ribisi, Dan Fogler, Burn Gorman, Colin Hanks and Patrick Gallo. Other executive producers include Dexter Fletcher (“Rocketman”), who also directed the first two episodes of the series. I asked Fletcher to fill out our Showrunner Seven.

Sum up your show’s pitch in one sentence.“The trials and tribulations of the great Hollywood producer Al Ruddy and how he got The Godfather made with the help of the real New York Mafia.”What’s an alternate title for your show? “Take the Cannoli.”What do we need to know before tuning in? It’s the story of the making of one of the greatest films of all time. A film that changed the movie landscape and reversed the fortunes of Paramount. It’s a portrait of an era that was seminal in Hollywood and how 3 different worlds collided and got a classic movie made against all the odds. Great people, from a great era, doing great things that we all still influenced by 50 years later. Genius acting as well as amazing visuals and period costumes. What’s not to love?Give us an equation for your show. (Blank plus blank minus blank times blank, etc.)“The Player” plus “The Sopranos” plus “Star Wars” plus “French Connection” plus “Marathon Man” plus “Ordinary People” plus “On Golden Pond” plus “Tootsie” plus “Arthur” plus “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” plus “Fitzcarraldo” plus “Bullet” plus “North by Northwest” plus “The Third Man” plus “The Producers” minus “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”What’s the best thing someone said about your show?They want to see the other 9 episodes. Immediately.If you could work on any other series on TV, what would it be?I will have to create my own :).Finish this sentence: “If you like _______, you’ll love our show.”“If you like The Godfather,” you’ll love our show.”

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