Baby girl born with a GIANT tongue that nearly suffocated her can finally smile after life-saving op

A BABY born with a giant tongue that nearly choked her to death can finally smile again after doctors sliced away half of it.

Aparajit Lodhi was born with a rare congenital anomaly called Macroglossia – a medical term for an unusually large tongue.

Her tongue was so big doctors were unsure if she would survive and advised her parents she might not live very long.

But mother, Mini Lodhi, 28, was determined to save her baby.

Mini, from Jabalpur of north Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, said: “I was horrified to see the baby with her own tongue stuffing her month.

“She was crying continuously. I knew she was in pain and also hungry.

“But I was helpless. I could neither share her pain nor nurse her because the overgrowth had clogged her mouth.

“But we were determined to save our child come what may.”

Aparajit was kept alive using a breathing apparatus and at just four-days-old underwent an operation to reduce the size of her tongue.

Dr Agarwal, head of pediatric and newborn surgery at the state-run Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College and Hospital, where the operation took place, said: “She was not able to swallow anything because of this giant tongue.

“Not only after birth, but the baby was not able to swallow anything because of this condition in the womb also.

“After the operation, she was able to swallow anything for the first time ever.

“It was a big tumour in the tongue and it took two hours for the team of doctors to remove the growth.

“We had to remove the tumour completely as we couldn't have left any remnants of it.

“But at the same time, you had to take care that the tongue doesn't lose its function.”


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What is Macroglossia?

Macroglossia is the abnormal enlargement of the tongue.

In rare cases, it occurs as an isolated finding that is present at birth but in many cases, is occurs as a secondary symptom to other disorders.

Symptoms and physical findings associated with macroglossia may include noisy, high-pitched breathing, snoring, and/or feeding difficulties.

In some cases, the tongue may protrude from the mouth.

It is treated with surgey by reducing the size of the tongue and remodeling the mouth.

After the operation, the baby was given sugar water before her mother was allowed to nurse her.

Mini recalled: “Finally, I was able to nurse my baby after four-long-days.

“It was for the first time, I enjoyed the bliss of motherhood. I saw a smile on my little angel's face. We are so relieved now.”

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