‘The Bachelorette’ Live Blog: Becca Meets 28 Hunky Men As Journey To Find Love Begins

Becca Kufrin is back! Follow along with our live blog as she meets a whole group of hot men hoping to fall in love with her on ‘The Bachelorette’ season premiere!

After having her heart broken by Arie Luyendyk Jr., Becca Kufrin is in the driver’s seat on season 14 of The Bachelorette. To kick off the premiere, she looks back on the heartbreak she went through when Arie dumped her to be with Lauren Burnham, and before meeting the men, she gets advice from some ladies who’ve done this before: Kaitlyn Bristowe, JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay. Their successful stories on the show give Becca even more hope and confidence that she’ll find the person she belongs with!

Finally, it’s Becca’s time to meet her suitors. First up is Colton (former football player), who brings party poppers to celebrate Becca being The Bachelorette, and immediately has her giggling. Next, she meets Grant, who praises Becca for how she handled the situation in Arie and urges her to just have a good time. Clay (another football player) arrives next, who uses football puns to catch Becca’s attention. She notices his nerves, and can totally empathize. The fourth guy, Jean Blanc, teaches her how to say her catchphrase “Let’s do the damn thing” in French. So cute!

Connor makes a bold move right away, by getting down on one knee and “proposing” to Becca with a promise that they’ll “do the damn thing.” Grocery store owner, Joe, is so nervous in Becca’s presence that he forgets everything he wants to say to Becca. Woops! John is also a nervous wreck, and walks the wrong way into the mansion. Eek! Leo wows Becca by letting down his long, curly hair which she says is even better than hers.

Jordan, a male model, tries to sick out with his carefully-planned out fashion choices (a gray suit and tap shoes), but unfortunately for him, there’s quite a number of other men who also have bold outfits on — including one who shoes up in a racecar driver suit (yes, Arie is a racecar driver). Speaking of Arie, Mike actually brings a cardboard cutout of Becca’s ex to make him look at how happy she is without him. Awkward.

Garrett makes a statement by showing up in a minivan to prove he’s ready to be a dad someday, and he leaves Becca cracking up. It doesn’t take long for Blake, who Becca actually met at After the Finale Rose, to show-up and one-up everyone else by arriving on an OX. Yes, really! The four other ATFR guys also enter the house with more of an ease, which makes some of the other men a little jealous.

There’s also one guy, Jake, who Becca considers an “acquaintance” and has already met on “multiple occasions,” and she doesn’t seem too thrilled to see him. Trent makes quite an entrance, by popping out of a hearse to meet Becca. Perhaps the biggest entrance, though, is David’s — yes, he’s the guy who comes in the chicken suit. Chris brings a live choir, though, which is also pretty impressive!

Connor is the first guy to grab Becca for a chat, which doesn’t go over too well with the other men. Meanwhile, Chris recognizes Chase because he’s friends with one of his exes. Chase was one of the guys on ATFR who got to meet Becca, and after that, his ex warned Chris that Chase isn’t there for the right reasons. Chris approaches Chase about the situation, who denies being the exe’s claims, and decides to talk to Becca himself about it before Chris can. The two guys discuss the whole thing with Becca, and although she’s a bit sketched out by it, she decides to take Chase’s word for it for now.

It helps Becca come to the realization that there may be other guys who are here for the wrong reasons, though — like Jake. She’s confused about why he’s here pining for her now when they’ve met so many times before. She admits that she won’t be able to go through this without questioning Jake’s intentions, and decides to send him home on the spot.

Once the drama is over, Becca gets back to spending time with the guys, and admits to forming connections with more than one. Only one gets the first impression rose, though, and it goes to Garrett.

Keep refreshing because we’ll be updating our recap all episode long!

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