Bakery brilliantly shuts down customer who called them ‘w**nkers’ over order

Staff at a bakery came back with a brilliantly biting response after a customer called one of them a "w**ker" for rejecting his request.

The potty-mouthed punter asked the busy team at Cake Tin Bakery in Blackpool to make and deliver a multi-layer cake all in the same day.

But, given it was already nearly 4pm, they were told the order would not be possible order.

He then swore at an employee, prompting this savoury slap-down from owner and head baker Kelly on their Facebook page.

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"So, just to say… don't be like this one who thinks they can order a multi-layer cake at 15:47 on a Saturday afternoon and expect it to be baked fresh and delivered that same day," she wrote.

"Especially without any prior communication. 'Cause darling, that order is gonna be cancelled."

According to The Mirror, Kelly then explained that multi-layer cakes need at least three days notice to make, something that was made very clear to the customer.

"And don't then email us all annoyed because your self-entitled a*** didn't get what it wants," she continued.

"Don't send us abuse, honey, because them customer service and professionalism skills are gonna go out the window.

""Facts are facts. We are not a factory. We don't bake a selection of layer cakes/celebration cakes to just have on the counter in the hope that someone MIGHT need one at the last minute."

The family-run business was established in October 2012 and began as a home baking business under the name Cake Tin Delights.

Since then they have only got "bigger and bigger," specialising in the likes of cookies, brownies, layer cakes and shakes.


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