Barbara Streisand Takes Her Cloned Dogs To Visit The Original’s Grave

Being a megastar has lots of benefits; however the best one is not being famous or rich, for Barbara Streisand, it was the ability to be able to afford the procedure to clone her beloved pet that died. Anyone who has a dog and loves them knows how sad it is to see them pass away. Humans, in general, outlive dogs, so to love one means also to be able to let it go.

Streisand’s dog Samantha, whose full name was “Coton de Tulear Samantha” lived to be 14 years old, which is a great age for a dog considering they say every dog year is equivalent to seven human years. This means that her dog lived to be about the same age as a human being that lived to be 98 years old.

Nevertheless, it was a gut-wrenching experience her dog passed away. To soothe the emotional pain, Streisand cloned her dog twice as Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet with the obvious reference to the classic movie Gone with the Wind.

The procedure works like this. The scientists take some DNA from the dead pet and use it to create almost exact copies. Cloning may sound like scary science fiction; however, it is not that complicated anymore. Clones are identical in terms of DNA, just like naturally born twins that are identical. They look very similar; however, they are not exactly the same animal. There are slight variations in personality and they are affected by how they are raised.

When Streisand looks at her two cloned dogs, she sees the resemblance of her beloved Samantha like she is seeing Samantha’s identical twin sisters. That must be a great comfort to her.

In a touching moment, Streisand took her two cloned dogs to the grave of her beloved Samantha as reported by TMZ. No matter if you think this whole thing is silly, we assure you the emotional depth of the love that humans and dogs can create is a bonding that is superior to what humans create with each other. Dog is the word God backward and that is the clue about how deep the love can be and how great it feels to have unconditional love from a dog.

One thing that makes dogs able to love unconditionally is that they do not usually hold grudges. You might be upset with them an hour ago and they will come wagging their tails to greet you in no time. This is something humans can learn from dogs. Let the resentment go and start each moment anew as if there was nothing that came before it.

We think what Streisand did to clone her pet is really cool. She does not have the same dog in the two copies of her beloved pet but she has a reminder of how great the love was and sees that there is a continuation of the life energy of Samantha, and that must be very satisfying.

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