Beauty blogger introduces using ICE CUBES as a makeup primer

Cool – or crazy? Beauty blogger earns viral fame after revealing that she uses ICE CUBES to shrink her pores before putting on makeup, insisting the chilly technique gives her flawless skin

  • Beauty blogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco used ice cubes to prime her face in a new makeup tutorial on Instagram 
  • She used the cubes before applying makeup and said it helped shrink her pores
  • After applying the ice cube to her face, she said her makeup went on smoother
  • Experts previously have recommended incorporating ice into the skincare routine to help with puffiness and applying serum
  • Last year, another ice trend went viral where it recommended people dunk their face in a bucket after applying foundation to help create a ‘flawless matte’ look 

Over the years, beauty bloggers have introduced a variety of makeup trends with promises they will help add to what seems like an already extensive routine.

But in the latest viral trend video, blogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco introduces rubbing an ice cube over the face as a makeup primer before applying foundation.

‘Used ice as a primer again and honestly like……. IT REALLY WORKS,’ Ashley wrote in an Instagram caption for the video featuring herself using the icy technique on before continuing with the rest of her makeup routine. 

Groundbreaking: Beauty blogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco introduced using an ice cube as a makeup primer on her Instagram during a makeup tutorial 

Simple: She said the trick helped shrink the appearance of her pores and make the foundation go on smoother afterwards 

Innovative: During the video she shows herself pouring the foundation on the ice cube, but she actually only used the cold block before applying the makeup

Although during the video Ashley is seen pumping the foundation, YSL Beauté All Hours Foundation ($54), directly onto the large ice cube, she actually doesn’t use it to spread the foundation.

The main purpose of the cube before application of makeup was to help soothe and smooth the appearance of pores.  

‘I got the idea because my mom had huge ice cubes in her fridge, and I remembered hearing a long time ago that ice shrinks your pores,’ Ashley told Allure. 

‘My skin felt tighter and my pores seemed smaller — almost gone — and my makeup went on so smoothly. I definitely think it works.’

Ice, in the past, has been a necessary step for some makeup artists to help relieve any puffiness or redness on the skin. 

The cold can help constrict the blood vessels so pores appear smaller and puffiness goes down along the eyes and cheeks  — which is a big reason why some experts recommend placing eye masks in the freezer before use. 

Celebrity facialist Ole Henriksen previously told Vogue how he incorporates ice cubes into his skincare treatments to help improve the appearance.

‘They dramatically improve circulation in the skin for that healthy glow we all want,’ he told the site last year. But he recommends using a thin towel or handkerchief before rubbing it on the skin instead of the ice cube touching directly. 

The ice cube trick can also be used after applying face serum because the coldness helps constrict the capillaries so the ingredients go deeper into the skin.

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Strange: Last year, a Korean beauty trend entitled Jamsu went viral where it encouraged people to dunk their faces in ice water after applying primer, foundation and concealer 

Interesting: Makeup artist Kristina Pustov tried the trend at the time, which was said to help create a ‘flawless matte’ look to the skin 

Intrigued: Although Kristina said her bronzer went on smoother, she decided the makeup trend was not for her skin 

Last year, a Korean beauty trend entitled the ‘Jasmu’ went viral and incorporated a bucket of ice after applying foundation.

Beauty bloggers, and even Bella Hadid, raved about dunking ones face in the ice bucket after applying foundation because they said it helped seal the makeup before applying the rest of the products. 

To incorporate the technique into your own beauty routine, you first apply any primer, foundation and concealer to the face. 

Then, cover the entire face with either baby powder or translucent powder to help seal the liquid makeup. 

Once the base is applied, you then dunk your face in a bowl of ice water for 30 seconds. 

This is supposed to create a ‘flawless matte finish’, makeup artist Kristina Pustov said when demonstrating the technique on her YouTube page. 

Although Kristina said her bronzer went on smoother, she decided the makeup trend was not for her skin because her foundation separated from her face in certain areas.  

Don’t fancy using ice? Try these complexion-perfecting primers 

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