Best celebrity brow transformations from JLo to Kate Middleton

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and if that’s the case then the eyebrows are certainly the frames.

After overplucking and filling them in for years using the best brow products, we’re very relieved that our natural arches managed to grow back when the trend shifted to a fluffier, thicker brows.

And although thinner brows are supposedly coming back into fashion, thanks to TikTok, Bella Hadid and shows like Pam and Tommy, the preference is still very much for a much fuller brow rather than those razor sharp thin eyebrows that characterised the 2000s.

From everybody to Michelle Keegan to Kate Middleton, we take a look back at some of our favourite celebrity brow transformations from days gone by. Take it from us, this lot (and their eyebrows) have come a long way from the noughties…

Jennifer Lopez

Back in the day Jenny from the Block’s arches were super thin, as seen in this snap while filming one of the decade’s most iconic movies, Made In Manhattan. Nowadays her brows cut a much chunkier silhouette, but are still groomed to perfection.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is serious brow goals now, but she didn’t escape the skinny brow era either! Here she is at just 18 with ultra thin arches, favouring a thicker, laminated look today.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t tend to take part in beauty trends, but even her eyebrows were thinner in the noughties. In this throwback snap from 2005, her brows have a much sparser look compared with her groomed arches of today.


Another noughties icon, Beyoncé was no stranger to the skinny brow trend back in the day. Nowadays she also favours a thicker, more brushed-up look when it comes to her brow shape of choice.

Jade Thirlwall

To be honest all of the Little Mix members’ eyebrows have been on quite the journey over the years, but as Jade Thirlwall recently shared some throwback pictures of her beauty looks from the band’s early days, it seemed only fitting that we call on her brows this time. Nowadays, Jade prefers a much fluffier brow compared with the skinny ones she sported at the start of her music career.

If nothing else, we’re very impressed that all these celebs’ eyebrows grew back.

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