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WHEN driving, good vision is not only a matter of comfort, but also safety – which is why finding the right pair of driving glasses is key.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the best driving glasses to help improve your driving experience during the day and night.

Sunglasses obviously help us maximise our vision while driving during the day, by dulling the light conditions and making it easier to see.

But there are glasses for driving at night too, which will minimise the glare that comes from vehicles' headlights.
Here's what you need to know.

What colour lens is best for driving?

Driving in the daytime, you should go for a smoky lens.

Anything too dark can obscure other displays and fashion colours like blue and pink affect the way you perceive road signs and traffic lights.

Helping to reduce the glare from oncoming headlights, street signs and reflectors, yellow-tinted lenses are becoming more and more popular.

Many people are buying them to wear in the afternoons when working at laptops or while using their mobile phones, too, since the yellow tint diffuses bright light.

Similarly, handset companies have worked in ways of offering a ‘blue light filter’ in order to protect your eyes from the constant exposure to mimicked sunlight.

Do night driving glasses really help?

Yes, but there’s a sacrifice.

With any glasses used for driving, day or night, you’re looking for polarised lenses.

The polarisation deflects glare, whether it’s from the sun or headlights.

Some polarisation make it tricky to see your navigation display.

If you have a head-up display (HUD) projected onto the windscreen, you probably won’t be able to see the projection either.

Recently, a Twitter storm erupted when a man posted images of the difference between astigmatism and normal sight.

Users were dumbfounded to find they were suffering from something they thought was entirely normal.

Driving at night puts extra pressure on the brain and eye and creates more tiredness.

If there’s anything you can do to protect your eyes, it’s worth giving it a go. After all, it's all about your own safety.

Using a mix of expert reviews, industry tests and user feedback, below is a list of the best sunglasses for driving and glasses for night driving you can buy in 2019.

1. Achatpratique, Fit over sunglasses

  • Achatpratique, Fit over sunglasses, £5.99 from Amazon- buy here

Super popular with consumers, this handy two-pair pack from Achatpratique features a pair of grey smoke lenses for daytime use and yellow-tinted lenses for night time use.

Designed to be worn over a regular pair of glasses, they have side view protection, without impeding peripheral vision.

A brown tortoiseshell frame design, they’re arguably a more feminine shape, but can be worn by men or women.

With 100 per cent protection from UV rays, they offer outstanding value and given they are tailored to be worn while driving, can be left in the car, so you’re never without much-needed protection.

2. VOSO Driving Glasses Aviator Style

  • Driving Glasses Aviator Sunglasses, £4.99 from Amazon- buy here

If you’re vision-perfect but in need of some stylish protection from the perpetual glare of screens and headlights, these VOSO aviator-style driving glasses are perfect.

Helping to reduce headaches and eye strain, you’ll notice the difference in levels of fatigue after driving with and without these.

The scratch-resistant yellow lenses protect your eyes from UV light and will probably make U2 feel a little like Bono.

Puns aside, for a fiver, these driving glasses make a great stocking filler or token pressie.

Is there any greater joy than giving someone the gift of sight?

3. Luff Polarized Unisex Clip on Sunglasses

  • Luff Polarized Unisex Clip on Sunglasses, £10.99 from Amazon- buy here

These Luff Polarised lenses come in a convenient clip-on style, allowing glasses-wearing drivers the freedom of their normal glasses in duller daylight hours, but plenty of protection from oncoming glare at night.

Rather than invest in another set of prescription glasses, this device can save you plenty.

The clip is discrete and securely fastens, meaning you can do more than just drive in them.

Sold with a hard protective case and with an anti-static cloth for polishing, these Luff yellow-tint clip-on sunglasses are a great option for both men and women.

4. Occffy Night Driving Glasses, HD UV400 Night Vision Polarized

  • Occffy Night Driving Glasses, £16.99 from Amazon- buy here

We are huge fans of these infinitely stylish Occffy Night Driving glasses.

With a bookish frame design, they are a significantly cheaper version of the infamous Gunnar specs, which you can only get on import.

Reducing anti-glare and featuring a UV400 coating, Occffy protect your eyes from bright light and increase your safety while you’re behind the wheel.

Lightweight, they’re also super comfortable and don’t impinge on peripheral vision as some larger frames are wont to do.

The price also includes a high-quality case, which can be stored in the glove box.

5. Maui Jim Maui Wiki Wiki HTS246-02

  • Maui Jim Maui Wiki Wiki HTS246-02, £240 from Amazon- buy here

They don’t come cheap, but if wearing yellow-tinted lenses during the day isn’t your bag, you’ve found the perfect pair of daytime driving glasses.

These Maui Jims feature unisex frames that are ridiculously lightweight, putting pay to the discomfort on the bridge of your nose, or at the top of your ears where the arms rest.

You can barely feel them and they look super cool.

The scratch-resistant lenses are polarised and though they will affect your ability to see your car’s instrument display, they will protect your eyes for years to come.

Enjoyed our roundup of the best driving glasses? Don't forget to keep your car screens clean too.

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