Best real Christmas trees delivered including Pines and Needles and Croft and Cole

IF you're planning on having real Christmas tree this year, you probably need to start thinking about where to buy it from.

From Pines and Needles and Croft and Cole to B&Q and John Lewis, we've rounded up some of the top trees available for home delivery.

Of course, you can also snap up real Christmas trees at the majority of supermarkets and big retailers in store, which might work out cheaper.

But if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home and have the tree delivered to your door, we've found the most affordable places to order online.

Just keep in mind that not all retailers have announced this year's range yet, so we'll update this article with more options as we get closer to Christmas day.

B&Q – prices start from £19

B&Q has just launched a brand new, real Christmas tree delivery service with prices stating from £19.

If you don't want to spend too much on one tree, then this service is your best home delivery bet, as prices are substantially lower than from elsewhere.

For that price, you can pick up a Nordmann fir measuring between 120cm and 150cm.

There's also other ranges of trees available, with higher starting prices – for instance the Norway Spruce starting from £39.

You can order the trees online from from November 20. Standard delivery is £5, but it's free for orders over £50.

Primrose – prices start from £31.99

Primrose is offering the second cheapest real Christmas tree we could find at £31.99.

The tree is a Norway spruce and measures 4ft tall.

The prices at Primrose then go up to a huge £124.99, which is a 10ft Nordmann Fir version.

If you order today, keep in mind that you'll only get it delivered from November 27.

The retailer charges £9.99 for home delivery, so make sure you bear this in mind before you hand over your cash.

Pines and Needles – prices start from £39.95

Christmas tree retailer Pines and Needles has listed a wide range of options on its website, with the prices starting from just £39.95 for a 3ft version.

Its biggest real Christmas tree up for grabs is a 12ft Nordmann Fir, which will set you back a whopping £199.95.

If you decide to shop at the retailer, keep in mind that delivery fees start from £16.95.

Shoppers will receive their tree from November 17 depending on where they're based.

Homebase – prices start from £49

Homebase home delivery Christmas trees are now available for pre-order, with prices starting from £49 for a 6-7ft Nordman Fir.

Delivery slots are available from November 25, and will set you back £20 in delivery fees.

You can also get a 7-8ft Nordman Fir from £59 and an 8-9ft one for £80.

There are smaller Christmas tree pots, with the smallest being a 1.5-2ft Living Potted Blue Spruce for just £19.

However, these smaller trees are only available in store and are not available for delivery.

Character Christmas Trees – prices start from £50.95

Character Christmas Trees is a small family owned farm in the Skyreburn Valley, Scotland.

Prices for the trees start from £50.95 for a Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir or Character Christmas tree – and all the trees are non-drop.

The most expensive tree available is the Fraser Fir from £88.95.

The firm also only charge 9.95 for delivery on all trees up to 9ft throughout the UK.

Croft and Cole – prices start from £54

The prices of Croft & Cole's Christmas trees start from £54 for a 4ft tree, going all the way up to £94 for a 7.5ft tree.

All Croft & Cole orders that include a Christmas tree come with next-day and named-day delivery options for £8.99.

This applies to mainland UK but excludes the Highlands.

For stationery, candle and wreath orders excluding a Christmas tree, you only have to pay a £3.99 delivery fee.

Delivery is available Monday to Friday, from November 24 until December 21. – prices start from £62.99

The retailer sells four different Christmas trees on its website, including a Nordmann fir, Fraser fir, Norway spruce and Korean fir.

Shoppers are able to choose between sizes ranging from 5ft to 8ft, with the prices starting from £62.99 for a Norway spruce. also sells smaller pot grown trees measuring from 3ft, which come in the pot. These set you back from £46.99 each.

The retailer offers free delivery nationwide, with deliveries available from November 27.

John Lewis – prices start from £75

The high street retailer has listed three real Christmas online, with shoppers able to pre-order for delivery from November 27.

The prices start from £75 for a Nordmann tree, which is available in sizes between 5f and 9ft.

Online shoppers can get the trees delivered for free but won't be able to click and collect.

What kind of tree should I buy?

If you can't decide what sort of tree to get, a Norway Spruce has soft foliage and is ideal for decorating, but it can be prone to dropping needles.

Nordmann trees, however, are lower maintenance as they holds onto more needles.

The best tree for you will also depend on your budget and how much room you have available.

Where else can I buy a real Christmas tree?

All the major supermarkets usually sell Christmas trees later on in the year, although typically only in store.

Homebase and B&Q have previously also sold real Christmas trees, so it's worth keeping an eye out over the next month or two.

Before you part with your cash, make sure you shop around as some retailers are running money saving deals on Christmas trees.

For example, Ikea last year let shoppers get a real tree for just £9.

How to look after your real Christmas tree

HERE’S what you need to know if you’re buying a real Christmas tree:

First thing's first: buy a pot (if it doesn't come in one already).

You'll need to treat your tree just like a houseplant and give it water and attention.

Make sure the container has good drainage – and it's a good idea to put something underneath to catch the excess water.

Check the soil everyday to make sure it's not drying out.

If it feels dry, give it some water. If it still feels moist, leave it alone as too much water can also kill a tree.

Also check the LED bulbs on your tree lights aren't too hot as they could burn it, and keep your tree away from radiators.

When Christmas is over, try planting it in the garden so you can dig it up and use it again next year.

It's a good idea to take it out of its pot when you do re-plant it though, as large trees don't survive well in pots as their roots need space to grow.

If you don't fancy buying a real tree this year, Wilko has slashed prices of artificial trees by 20% – and they now start from just £8.

Argos and Very are also among the retailers to bring back their half Christmas tree for those who can't be bothered to decorate.

In other festive news, Monopoly has been given a Home Bargains makeover for Christmas – and shoppers can’t wait to play it.

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