Best value advent calendars for alcohol including wine, gin and spirits

We've looked at the top tipsy advent calendars for wine, gin and beer to see if the price is worth it for the amount of booze you get inside.

Alcoholic advent calendars vary wildly in price, with some costing up to £140 but others costing as little as £34.99.

We've calculated how much booze you get in each calendar and how much you're paying for each measure to work out the best value calendars.

The advent calendars are a fun way for grown-ups to count down the days until December 25.

But be aware that if you're mostly concerned about how much booze you're getting for your money, you can buy the same amount of alcohol included in the calendars much cheaper elsewhere.

The best and worst value wine advent calendars


Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar comes with 24 mini bottles of wine ranging from 187ml to 200ml in size.

The calendar costs £49.99 so each mini bottle costs just £2.08 each and in total, you'll get nearly 4.8 litres of wine inside.

It's the best value wine advent calendar we could find – but there is a way to get the same amount of wine for much cheaper.

Aldi's cheapest bottle is a £3.89 Cambalala South African Pinotage – and you can buy a case of six for just £23.34.

This would give you 4.5 litres of wine – and for an extra £3.89, you could buy another bottle and still spend £22.76 less on wine than you would if you bought the advent calendar.

  • Wine Advent Calendar, £49.99 from Aldi – available from November 4


Virgin Wine's Wine Advent Calendar is one of the priciest on the market at £79.99 – and it gives you less alcohol than Aldi's version.

Each of the 24 187ml to 200ml bottles works out at £3.33 each, and you will get 4.8 litres in the calendar – the same as Aldi's.

Inside are a variety of high-end bottles such as Senti Prosecco and X Marks The Spot, an Australian Malbec.

It's always worth shopping around, as you can buy the same amount of wine in six bottles in Virgin Wine's Luxury Choice Mixed 6 Bottle pack for £59.

  • Wine Advent Calendar, £79.99 from Virgin Wines – reserve now for £10

The best and worst gin advent calendars


Aldi's 12 Gins of Christmas calendar which comes with 12 5cl measures of gin and 12 150ml bottles of tonic is by far the cheapest spirits calendar at £34.99.

But it does only contain 12 measures of gin.

The low price works out at just £1.45 per gin and tonic – so it could be worth buying two if you really want to count down all 24 days in December before Christmas.

In total, the calendar contains 2.4 litres of gin and tonic.

The price is good, but you can buy a 70cl bottle of Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin for £9.99 at Aldi, and a litre bottle of tonic for about 30p at most supermarkets – so it's cheaper to forget the calendar and just buy a bottle.

  • 12 Gins of Christmas Calendar, £34.99 from Aldi – available from November 4


This wooden Tipsy Tree with Flavoured Gin calendar is one of the priciest we found for 24 5cl measures at £140.

You get 600ml of gin – which works out at £5.80 for each miniature measure.

It is filled with high-end gins – but you can buy whole bottles of some of the gins included for a fraction of the price, such as a 70cl bottle of Opihr spiced gin for £23.

  • Tiny Tipsy Tree with flavoured gin, £140 from First 4 Hampers – pre-order now

The best and worst value beer advent calendars


If wine and gin isn't your tipple of choice, then there's also a range of beer advent calendars too.

Iceland's Advent Calendar is the cheapest we could find at £39.99 – but it hasn't yet revealed when it will go on sale.

The calendar contains 24 full-size cans and bottles between 330ml and 500ml – adding up to 10 litres of beer.

It works out at £1.67 per can or bottle in the calendar, which is remarkably cheap.

But you can in fact buy beer even cheaper without the calendar.

Adnams sells cases of eight bottles or cans on its website for £9.99, which works out as £1.24 a bottle.

Adnams also does a well priced beer calendar for £54.99 for 24 bottles.

  • Beer Calendar, £39.99 from Iceland – not yet available


Best of British Beer's Christmas Tree Beer Advent Calendar is much pricier than Iceland's at £85 and it only contains 330ml bottles.

That works out at £3.50 a bottle.

You can buy some of the bottles included in the calendar, from breweries such as Windsor & Eton, for £2.25 a bottle, meaning you'd be better off buying 24 individual bottles.

  • Christmas Tree Beer Advent Calendar, £85 from Best of British Beers – buy now

Reese’s is doing TWO advent calendars this year and they look amazing

There are plenty of quirky advent calendars on the shelves at the moment.

Tesco now sells Smarties and Celebrations calendars but neither are particularly cheap.

The supermarket is also selling a £10 After Eight calendar.

Meanwhile Debenhams is selling a £18 Bailey's advent calendar.

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