‘Big Brother’ Premiere Recap: Swaggy C Forms Key Alliances After Intense Competition

Your favorite summer show is back! ‘Big Brother’ season 20 has arrived, and it’s going to be epic. Here’s our recap of the premiere!

Big Brother season 20 is going to be unlike any other season of Big Brother. This is a milestone season, so you know the powers that be are going to go all out. This season features all-new houseguests. Sam is a full-time welder living in a camper in her mom’s yard. Tyler is a lifeguard, who says his biggest weakness is his brain. Bayleigh is a flight attendant and was the first African American Miss Missouri USA.

These houseguests are going to have their work cut out for them. Steve is a retired undercover detective who now teaches criminal justice. Certified life coach Kaitlyn, gun-loving Winston, fitness model Angela, and power lifter JC are also introduced. These houseguests are all competing for $500,000 and have to spend 99 days with no phone or technology. The first four to enter the house are Tyler, Bayleigh, Sam, and Winston. Right off the bat, these first batch of houseguests are getting along, but they’re all trying to hide their true motives.

The next set of houseguests include Rachel, a Las Vegas performer who has “mastered the art of manipulation and flirtation.” Chris, a.k.a. Swaggy C, a former college basketball player who babysits on the side. There’s Rockstar, who finds “peace through partying.” She’s also a mom of three!

Brett gives off total Clark Kent vibes. While he may just look like a fitness-loving hunk, he’s actually a cybersecurity engineer fighting cybersecurity terrorists! Scottie is a 26-year-old gamer who’s never been kissed, never had a girlfriend, and never been on a date. Oh, boy. This is going to be fun. The final houseguests include Kaycee, a women’s professional football player, college student Hayleigh, substitute teacher and proud Muslim Faysal.

Love is in the air this season. Rachel already has her eye on Winston, while Faysal is harboring a crush on Haleigh. She feels the same way! Meanwhile, Steve has his game plan all fleshed out. He tells everyone that he’s just a mechanic and not a retired detective. When the girls find out Scottie’s never been kissed, they totally freak out!

The first challenge is truly tech-tacular. The winner gets to keep 8 houseguests, including themselves safe for one week week, putting the 8 other houseguests in jeopardy. The BB Supercomputer crashes before things can get started. The first person to escape to the house in the first challenge is Tyler, followed by Bayleigh, Brett, Rachel, JC, Winston, and Angela, who will compete in the final challenge. Kaycee is the only houseguest who doesn’t make it safely back to the house. The other 8 houseguests have to spell “houseguest” with blocks while attached to a wire. Swaggy C wins the challenge, while Sam falls flat.

Swaggy C and Angela go head-to-head in a tough surfing competition. Swaggy C wins and he can choose two of the four move-in groups to save. He weighs his options. There are some people he definitely wants to save, and others he doesn’t.

As for Sam and Kaycee, they have some interesting punishments. Kaycee has to wear a pinwheel of doom unitard until the first live eviction. Any time it starts spinning, she has to stay in the room she’s in. Sam is a robot. Yes, really.

Swaggy C decides to save the group he moved in with, which includes Rockstar, Brett, and Rachel. He then saves Scottie, Haleigh, Kaycee, and Falsal. This means the 8 houseguests are in danger of getting evicted!

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