Blake Shelton Feels Bad For Miranda Lambert’s New BF Evan Felker: ‘She’s Never Been Faithful’

Blake Shelton is feeling like he should warn his ex Miranda Lambert’s new bf Evan Felker about her bad relationship patterns after his own experiences with the songstress. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here.

Blake Shelton, 41, doesn’t seem to be bothered by ex Miranda Lambert‘s new relationship with Evan Felker and in fact, he’s feeling sympathy for Evan! “Blake feels bad for Miranda’s new guy Evan,” a source close to Blake EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Blake knows better than anyone that she’s never been faithful and Miranda has an impossible time staying with anyone for very long.” Ouch! Blake and Miranda were married for four years before announcing their divorce in 2015 and it seems like Blake is ready to move on from the emotional stress of their past romance. “Blake is finally over all the pain Miranda put him through and would love to warn Evan about her but there’s no way he will get involved beyond tweeting a few subtle disses,” the source continued. “Blake feels Evan is silly if he thinks he and Miranda are going to last long or that she can be faithful. She has cheated on every guy she has ever been with, and Blake knows this new guy will be no different.”

Miranda and Evan’s new relationship recently made rough headlines after speculation that Miranda allegedly broke up Evan’s marriage with his wife Staci Felker. The new couple met on Miranda’s Livin’ Like Hippies tour after Evan’s country music group Turnpike Troubadours was booked to open the shows. Although Evan and Staci are now reportedly separated, they were still married and together when he started opening Miranda’s shows, leading many to believe that Miranda had an alleged affair with the hunky singer.

Despite the controversy over a possible affair, Miranda and Evan were all smiles in pics that recently surfaced of the two lovebirds hanging out in New Orleans together. The snapshots were taken just after Miranda’s tour wrapped and a source told us “they made out several times” during the outing.

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