Blogger accuses ASOS of padding slim models to look plus-size

Blogger accuses ASOS of using padding to make a ‘plus size’ model look bigger on its website – but the retailer insists it’s her ‘natural’ body shape

  • A blogger accused ASOS of padding models to advertise their plus size range
  • Georgina Grogan took to Twitter with a photo from the brand’s website
  • ASOS tweeted a response confirming the photo shows the model’s natural body
  • Social media users were divided over the brand’s response

ASOS has come under fire after a blogger pointed out that one of its ‘plus size’ models appeared to be wearing padding on the site. 

Georgina Grogan from Sheffield took to Twitter where she boasts almost 22,000 followers, to share the apparently incriminating photo, which seemed to show padding poking out from a lingerie model’s briefs. 

Although ASOS tweeted a response to clarify the model pictured wearing their ‘Ann Summers Curve Adorn lace and satin knicker’ wasn’t padded and stated the photo shows the model’s natural body, a stream of social media users remain divided.

Many Twitter users have still tweeted the online retailer asking why they didn’t hire a plus size model.

Plus size blogger Georgina Grogan took to Twitter to accuse online retailer ASOS of using padding to advertise their curve range

Posting the photos from ASOS’s website Georgina claimed it’s not the first time models have been padded to look plus size.

She wrote: ‘Happens all the time, they hire models that aren’t even fat and pad them.

‘She’s “industry” plus size. Anything over a 10/12 is classed as plus size in the mainstream fashion world. It’s ridiculous how plus websites would use anyone under a 16, but it’s so rare to see an actual fat person modelling clothes for fat people’.

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One commenter replied: ‘Not surprised. Not one of their Curve range models are even chubby, let alone fat. It’s ridiculous. 

‘I want to see how the clothes are going to look on my 18-20 body, not on a 10-12 model wearing a fat suit. Sort it out ASOS’ 

Another added: ‘Woah wtf is this! Just hire a woman who actually *are* this size!? So odd.’ 

ASOS has a selection of photos using the same model to advertise their Ann Summers Curve Adorn lace and satin knicker

Initial responses to Georgina’s tweet questioned the online retailer’s choice of model 

In response to the stream of negative comments ASOS tweeted Georgina confirming the photo shows that model’s natural body shape.

‘Hi Georgina – We would like to assure you that this is not padding, it’s the model’s natural body shape.’

And some commenters agreed that it was an optical illusion, rather than padding. 

One person wrote: ‘The more I look at it, the more I’m convinced it’s not padding though, if you seen how white my ‘apron’ is compared to my torso, it looks the same. Also looking at the roll at the upper inner thigh, I think it’s genuine.’

Speaking under the handle ‘folkprintblog’ another shared a photo of a similar photo saying: ‘It is actually just her shape, I have exactly the same body shape, my hips are bigger than the join to my thigh… that’s how I know it’s not padded, because I was super excited to see someone else who had this!’

ASOS responded to the Twitter thread confirming the photo on their website shows the model’s natural body without any padding 

Despite ASOS confirming the model was not padding a flood of social media users continued to slam them.

One person said: ‘Naaah ASOS that is fully bang out of order… and for you to try and justify by stating it’s her real body shape is disgusting as you can clearly see from the photos posted it’s not… either find clothes that fit the model or models that fit the clothes!’

Another added: ‘Huge insult to us ‘real’ plus size women!! They should be ashamed of themselves.’ 

A flood of Twitter users remained in disbelief with some even declaring they would no longer shop on ASOS

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