Body positive babe posts candid swimwear snap to tell fans to ‘wear the bikini’

An influencer is urging her fans to embrace their natural bodies.

Karina Irby doesn’t think you should hide away if you have insecurities – she believes you should celebrate all your quirks, lumps and bumps instead.

The 33-year-old swimwear designer, from Australia, pushed her point by posing in a leopard print bikini.

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In the Instagram post, she grinned in the sunshine and showcased her stunning figure.

Karina captioned the image: “This is your sign… to wear the bikini! Wear the crop top! Wear the low rise pants! Wear the bandeau! Wear what you want!”

The social media star revealed how practicing self love has changed her life for the better.

She’s attracted a huge fanbase by posting candid pictures online.

And not only has this helped her to grow her clothing business, it’s also allowed her to take some amazing holidays recently.

Karina added: “If I’m there doing life with my cute as f*** soft tummy then so can you!

“This tummy and cellulite got me to Bora Bora.”

Karina’s post garnered more than 4,200 likes – and many agreed with her body positive message.

One Instagram user commented: “Thank you for helping me understand my worth and teaching me self love! Keep up the great work queen.

“I wore a crop top in public for the first time ever last week.”

Another said: “Love your confidence. Such an inspiration to me daily.”

And a third added: “Thank you! I needed this today, was really feeling really down!”


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