Born on cusp: Does the cusp exist? Why you’re not actually born on cusp

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

If you are born right at the end of an astrological season, you may feel as if you possess traits from two neighbouring signs. People will correct you and argue that they aren’t actually a Leo, they’re on the Leo-Virgo cusp… but that is actually not so true. chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie about the cusp. Does the cusp exist?

Does the cusp exist?

Cusp signs do not exist, even though people proudly state that they were born on the cusp.

Being born on a “cusp” would mean you were born up to 12 hours before the Sun moves into a new sign.

However, that would still make you one sign or the other- you can only have one Sun sign.

The Sun cannot be in two signs at once, and your Sun sign is determined and set by its position at your time of birth.

The same applies to the other astrological elements and planets in your birth chart such as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Midheaven and more.

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The reason you might be given two possible options when reading your horoscope is simple.

Francesca explained: “There is no cusp, but magazines are always a little vague because they give you two possible dates because the dates change.”

That’s right, the star sign dates change every year depending on when the first day of Spring was.

Francesca said: “The sky is a circle of 360 degrees but there are 365 days in a year so we have a leap year to allow for that.”

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun takes approximately 365.25 days, and the extra quarter of a day means we need a leap year every four years.

Francesca added: “When the star signs are calculated we do the first day of Aries on Spring Equinox which is March 20 or March 21.

“It’s normally March 21, but if we’ve had a leap year then it’s March 20.”

If the date of the Spring Equinox is earlier, the other sign thresholds may also be shifted in accordance.

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If you’re a Pisces according to one year’s dates, you may actually be an Aquarius according to your birth chart- the horoscope from the day you were born.

Your star sign is determined by where the Sun was at your time of birth, and you can find that out by checking the Ephemeris.

The Ephemeris reveals where the Sun was on your birthday, so you’ll finally find out which side of the ‘cusp’ you are on.

It doesn’t matter how close you came to being the next sign, you are your sign- and that’s final!

If the Sun was in Taurus when you were born, it was in Taurus.

Even if the Sun moved into Gemini hours after your birth, you won’t have Gemini traits.

If you don’t relate to your star sign at all and feel you are more like the next sign along, there may be another reason for this.

Check your birth chart by using an online generator.

Have a look at where the Moon was and the other planets at the time of your birth.

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of reading the complex chart, you can pay an astrologer to do the job for you.

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