Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao Just Got His Bachelor's Degree: 'It Is Never Too Late'

Manny Pacquiao is already the only boxer in history to win major world titles in eight different weight classes, but now, he’s a college grad too.

The 40-year-old athlete graduated from University of Makati in the Philippines this week, he revealed on social media, posting several photos from his graduation ceremony.

Pacquiao said that he received a bachelor of arts degree in political science, local government administration.

Alongside the happy images, Pacquiao shared a powerful message, “Let us engrave this in our hearts: It is never too late to dream bigger dreams. It is never too late to accomplish our dreams. LIVE YOUR PASSION, not just for yourself, but for your family and for our country.”

Pacquiao’s new degree will be put to good use — he currently serves as a senator in the Philippines.

The champion boxer is best known for his career in the ring, though, and according to Forbes is currently worth $26 million. The outlet reported that Pacquiao’s much-publicized May 2015 match against Floyd Mayweather, dubbed “the fight of the century,” is still the best-selling fight in boxing history.

According to ESPN, Pacquiao — a father of 5 — will next fight in the United States “in late March or April.”

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