Brain tumours on the rise in England with 50 per cent surge in cases since 2001 | The Sun

BRAIN tumours are on the rise in England with a 50 per cent surge in cases since 2001.

In 2019, 9,960 people were diagnosed with the devastating cancers compared to 6,577 18 years earlier.

The Brain Tumour Charity said the ageing population means more people are at risk and high-tech scans are detecting more cases.

But medics are struggling to boost survival rates and 90 per cent of patients die within five years. Brain tumours are a top cause of cancer death in under-40s and The Wanted singer Tom Parker died of the disease in March.

Four in 10 cases don’t get caught until someone is in A&E, by which time survival chances are slim.

Dr David Jenkinson, chief scientific officer at the charity, said: “These worrying figures show just how urgently we need to act on this devastating and life-changing disease.

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“While brain tumours remain relatively rare, incidence has continued to rise significantly over the last two decades.

"This has not yet been matched by the tangible progress in diagnosis, treatment and survival outcomes seen in many other cancers.”

The Brain Tumour Charity launched a campaign to help people spot warning signs including headaches, blurred vision, seizures, balance problems, forgetfulness and trouble talking.

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Rates of brain cancers per person have increased by a quarter from 14.8 per 100,000 to 18.3.

Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, a brain surgeon at King’s College London, added: “Greater awareness of the symptoms is crucial to ensuring more people receive a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.”

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