The Braxtons Have A Daddy Dilemma That Could Sour An Upcoming Baby Shower 

Traci Braxton is anticipating becoming a grandmother as she awaits the arrival of her son, Kevin Jr.’s, first child, a baby boy. However, in a new Braxton Family Values clip, the Braxtons are a little worried about their father’s plans to bring a date. 

In the clip, Traci, Towanda, and Trina discuss whether or not their mother, Evelyn, will be okay with their father, Michael, bringing Ms. Wanda. Trina reflects on the last time Ms. Wanda was invited to a family event, a trip to Mexico that left Mama Braxton feeling some type of way. 

The upcoming episode also sees Toni revealing that she and Birdman are, in fact, engaged. Toni tells her sisters during dinner, “So anyway, guys, things in life, they’ve been really good. So, you know, we’ve been talking, thinking about our lives and our future, and where we go from here. We’ve been best friends forever. So we have decided to… get married!”

Birdman also gives Towanda a call to ask her to pick a wedding date for the pair.

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on WE tv.

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