Bride chose jumpsuits for bridemaids – but people say they 'look like vulvas'

When everyone you know is getting married, you want your big day to stand out.

Sometimes it’s good to break with tradition slightly.

One bride decided to ditch the standard bridesmaid dresses in favour of purple jumpsuits.

But they haven’t gone down well in a Facebook wedding shaming group.

The two bridesmaids wore the purple strapless jumpsuits with pleats down the middle.

Posting the picture in That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, one person said: ‘Shaming the bridesmaid’s [jumpsuits].

‘They look like purple vulvas at first glance. Bride said she picked them out.’

Other people in the group agreed that they didn’t like the outfits, with one describing them as ‘life size tulips’ and another calling them ‘heinous’.

Others pointed out that the bridesmaids’ nipples could be seen through the jumpsuits, with the original poster adding: ‘I couldn’t tell if they were nipples or darts/seam.’

Others said they quite liked them and some did notice one big selling point – the jumpsuits do have pockets.

Pockets are a dream for most bridal parties as it’s the perfect place for your phone, some confetti and a snack to keep you going through the speeches.

Of course, jumpsuits might seem like an unusual choice but they are becoming a more popular wedding trend.

Google searches for the trend peaked last summer and have continued to be popular throughout this wedding season.

High street store Monsoon sold a range of bridesmaid jumpsuits this season, as well as smaller jumpsuits for younger girls.

The jumpsuit is a more comfortable and quirkier take on the traditional floor length dress – just make sure the whole bridal party goes to the bathroom together. You’ll all need someone to zip it up.

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