Bride horrified after cheapskate mum gives her used lingerie as wedding gift

A bride was appalled when her mum gave her some used lingerie as a wedding gift – with the sexy item having a history she didn't even want to think about.

In the TLC series So Freakin Cheap, mum Shelley Watson shows viewers how she saves money and skimps on luxuries including when it comes to her own daughters' weddings.

Shelley managed to keep costs down for her daughter Ashley's wedding and now wants daughter Brittany to have a wedding for under $1,000 (£728).

To save money, she has arranged for Brittany to get married for free in a chiropractor clinic and has a little surprise to spice up her daughter's wedding night.

Giving her a gift bag, Shelley excitedly tells her to open it up.

"This is the lingerie that I had on my wedding night, I figured you didn’t have anything," Shelley said as her daughter examined the snow-white corset.

Far from looking impressed, Brittany's eyes bulge.

"It’s been washed," Shelley reassured her, but Brittany starts gagging and is speechless as she holds the negligee by the strap and keeps it at arm's length.

Talking to the camera out of earshot of her mother, Brittany said the last thing she wants to imagine on her wedding night is her own parents getting down to business.

She said: "That's my mum's! I don't want to think about my mum and dad… urgh!"

Explaining her ethos, Shelley said: "Being cheap means a lot of sharing. Basically, we share everything."

The mum later said: "We did Ashley’s wedding for $1,000 (£728) and we want to beat that record.

"I will find a bargain and then I will bargain for the bargain."

Brittany seemed unconvinced about having her wedding in such an outlandish setting and worried her boyfriend Shane would find it weird.

She said: "I am tired of not having an opinion of my own wedding.

"I don’t want Shane’s parents to come and see that this is how my family is."

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