Brit girl studying in US orders food using American accent as no one gets her

A British woman has shared her enlightening experience while studying at a university in America.

Alyssa Feary, who moved from Brighton to Milledgeville, US, is studying a business major at Georgia College & State University.

While living in the US, she realised people did not understand her British accent and the geography of Europe and the UK.

Alyssa explained on TikTok: "So I go to a college in Georgia, I'm English and I have a little list of things that I have learned while going to college here.

"Americans can't comprehend that Britain is three different countries and there's loads of different accents. This is a British accent."

She also said the common question she received is why she left her country.

"They don't understand that people would want to go to other countries," Alyssa continued.

But she gets confused by how the American college system works as compared to the British education system.

She added: "You don't actually start your college major until your junior year. I'm a business major but still taking environmental science.

"In the South, they use 'y'all' way too much and everyone goes to Florida for Spring Break regardless where you live."

The university student also revealed that she has to order food using an American accent because "no one understand what I want".

She added: "And they don't know what a full stop is, they think a comma is a half stop. No, no, it's not.

The video has raked up more than 500,000 views and Alyssa gave updates to further explain the confusion in a second video.

As some viewers asked for the reason she came over to the US, she answered: "It's because I moved in with my dad after I graduated high school last summer and so I've lived here for like a year and a half.

"He's lived here [for] like loads and loads of years so I would visit all the time and I actually really liked it, especially from where I lived in England."

She also tried to explain to American viewers that Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales with Northern Ireland.

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