Brynn Cartelli Vows To Make A Name For Herself After Winning ‘The Voice’ — I’m Putting Music Out ‘Fast’

Brynn Cartelli won ‘The Voice’ – and that’s just the beginning. She EXCLUSIVELY tells that because she’s so ‘driven,’ her fans will be hearing new music from her before they know it!

“I don’t want it to become next season and everyone forgets who Brynn [Cartelli] is… I hate how that sounds,” the 15-year-old winner of The Voice EXCLUSIVELY tells Brynn beat out Britton Buchanan, 18, Spensha Baker, 24, and Kyla Jade, 33, during the Season 14 finale on May 22, but the real fight is ahead of her as she promises to not fade into obscurity in the wake of this victory. “I want to start working right away. I’m an extremely driven person. I know everyone who wins is going to say that. I never am satisfied. I want it to be perfect, and I have a lot of high expectations for myself, but I have a great group of people around me who will lift me to that and fight for that.”

“I know a lot of people have these assumptions about people who win The Voice,” she tells, but I promise that’s not going to happen. I really promise that. I want to come back and by the time I’m preforming on the stage again, I already want music out there. So fast. We’re going to fight for that to happen because there are some changes that need to be made for a different outcome. And, with all due respect, I’m so excited to be the one to get to do this.”

Brynn won’t have to fight this fight alone, as she’s already assembled a squad of pros to help her become as big as American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. In fact, Kelly is one of the people helping guide Brynn’s new career. “I’m surrounded by really smart people in this process and having Kelly by my side, and having her husband, Brandon [Blackstock, 41], who’s a manager, he’s incredible and amazing. He understands the industry, he’s going to fight for me, I know that. We’ve had plenty of talks about this. We’re serious about this.”

“She’s going to do it all,” Kelly, who coached Brynn throughout this recent season of The Voice, said after the finale. Kelly said that “our goal is to hit radio hard,” vowing to lend her clout to Brynn to ensure she gets the boost she needs to make it in the music biz. “It’s sad because there are so many people that are so talented on the show and then right after… I mean you need a team. You could be Aretha Franklin, and you need a team working your record and marketing your record…. We are putting together something and have been working on that even before she won.” If that in a case, then Brynn is right – fans will soon hear a lot more from her sooner than they think!

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