Burger King Asks Wendy's to Prom—and Wendy's Has the Best Reply

Best promposal ever?

A Burger King in Boston got up the courage to ask out the “girl next door” this week. A photo shared by the Burger King Twitter account on Wednesday shows the location with a sign out front that reads, “@Wendys prom?”

In response, Wendy’s tweeted, “Ok, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10.”

After getting the response, a clearly excited Burger King changed the sign to read “she said yes!”

“Looking forward to it. let’s aim for king and queen of prom,” Burger King tweeted to Wendy’s, along with a photo of the updated sign and a corsage.

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“That’s iconic oh my God,” one Twitter user wrote to Burger King.

“Just trying to impress the girl next door,” the fast food chain replied.

And when one Twitter user asked what Burger King will wear for the special occasion, the Twitter account replied, “Something fancy.”

Can’t wait to see the prom pics!

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