Can these sexy massages really cure your migraines?

For most of us, a massage is a treat – something you have on your birthday or when you’re at a spa day with the girls.

But there’s a new massage therapist going viral on TikTok, and we’d like to make weekly bookings with him, ASAP.

Jason at Leef Massage, based in LA, has been posting videos of his work, and let’s just say, they’re getting everyone a little hot under the collar.

Firstly, Jason is by no means bad to look at – and he wears a baseball cap. Secondly, all of his clients seem to be impossibly good looking women, and the massages are set to a soundtrack of songs that you’d likely find on a Spotify ‘Bedroom Playlist’.

But what’s really got everyone going is some of his unusual massage techniques – namely, the hair pull.

Yep, most of Jason’s videos showing him massaging a woman’s back, before firmly grabbing his client’s long hair, and giving it a tug.

Yes it’s hot, and yes, we all know why.

But according to Jason, he’s not just trying to spice up a run-of-the-mill massage. He says that ‘pulling hair can be a great tool for relieving migraines.’

‘I’m a big fan of the hair pulling,’ he said. ‘It stretches and relaxes the muscles around the skull, it relieves so much tension in the area, it works for migraines or headaches.’

But Jason says you have to do it properly.

‘Slide your fingers across her scalp and grab as much hair as you can, as close to the root as possible and you’re just going to grip – you’re going to close your first, you’re not actually pulling up, just grabbing it will pull enough to relax those muscles.’

Replying to @roxypowers07 Pull some hair! #fyp #migraine #migrainerelief

So is Jason actually onto something?

Well, according to GP, Dr Philippa Kaye, it’s not backed by science. ‘There isn’t any evidence that I’m aware of that pulling hair can help migraines,’ she said.

‘But hairstyles can contribute to headaches if pulled very tightly.’

So while it might feel nice at the time, it’s unlikely to do anything to stop that crippling pain long term.

Instead, Dr Philippa suggested some other tried and tested ways if you’re a migraine sufferer.

‘First, see your doctor if you have new onset migraines or neurological signs or concerns. If you are diagnosed with migraines, then make a diary, to see if there are triggers you can avoid.’

In terms of pain relief, you have options. ‘Over the counter painkillers can be helpful and there are medications such as triptans which can be used for migraines.

‘If migraines are coming very regularly, then there are also medications which can be given prophylactically [as a preventative] to stop the migraines coming.

‘If you’re struggling, see you’re doctor.’

But, while Jason’s technique might not be medically proven, it’s not stopped the TikTok girlies wanting to give it a try. He’s also got 5 star ratings across the board online, so he’s clearly onto something.

‘The hair pull and hand hold gonna make someone fall in love,’ said one commenter. ‘At the end of my session I’d ask “what are we?”’ wrote another.

So, who’s booking flights to LA?

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