Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Are Trolling You About Their "Relationship"

Three years ago, Cara Delevingne let the world in on the fact that she's not only attracted to cisgender men, which of course has also meant that for the past three years, she's been plagued with having to explain her sexual fluidity time and time again—all while dealing with the rumors that she's dating practically ever woman she's ever been seen with since.

Two months ago, for example, Delevingne and Paris Jackson dominated headlines when, after repeatedly hanging out, as newfound BFFs are wont to do, the pair was spotted casually kissing—which, by the way, is not to say that they're in a relationship. (Whether as BFFs or flings, they're still hanging out these days; they partied together in New York, for example, earlier this month.)

As of last Friday, though, Paris seems to have been forgotten; that's when Delevingne—gasp!—hung out with another of her friends, the Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson. At this point, it seems that Delevingne and even the women who spend time in her company have come to fully expect that engaging in such a casual activity will spark a flood of romantic rumors. While she and Benson didn't exactly draw attention when they hung out earlier this month, this time, they really turned heads: after stopping at a restaurant and bar in lower Manhattan, they made a short jaunt around the block to continue their night at the Soho Grand Hotel—which still turned out to be long enough for paparazzi to zoom in on their matching backpacks. (Oh, and on the fact that they were, at least at one point, holding hands, which naturally sent their respective fans into a frenzy.)

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The very next day, though, they took things back into their own hands—and definitely seemed to find delight in doing so. As it turns out, there's an upside to all this for Delevingne: the opportunity to troll those who obsessively follow her every move. That's exactly what Benson did this weekend by adding more confusion to the mix, to which they then added their friend Chloé Caillet, a DJ. On Saturday, Caillet Instagrammed a photo of herself with the pair in which she was apparently playfully flirting with both of them. She posed with Benson's arm around her neck, but appeared to make it all about Delevingne, who was, um, wearing a unicorn horn in the photo, by captioning it "found a unicorn." (Benson later commented on it with a broken heart emoji.)

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Since we're already diving deep here, for the record, Benson also commented "beauty kween" on a photo of Caillet a couple of days earlier, which Caillet responded to with a couple of blue heart emojis. (In case you're dying for more details, the DJ has been friends with Delevingne for at least the past year, and also hung out in New York with their mutual friend Adwoa Aboah last month.)

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As for Delevingne and Benson, it looks like they're still hanging out. After posting her own photo of the trio, yesterday, Benson posted an Instagram of herself on a balcony, along with a largely obscured Delevingne, who fans nonetheless quickly noticed. (A few excerpts from their flood of comments: "oohhh u got cara over there," "Cashley!" and "LESBICONA.") Never mind that the snapshot definitely doesn't seem to capture a romantic rooftop getaway, given that another person was there to take their picture, and another commenter made no mention of any flirtations when she said that she was sitting next to them at the time.

Meanwhile, in other questionable celesbian rumors, Delevingne is now also getting wrapped up in Rita Ora's official welcome into the must-be-dating-every-woman-she-hangs-with club, which began earlier this month when Ora said that she's "had romantic relationships with women and men throughout [her] life" after releasing her somewhat controversial single "Girls." Now, The Sun is attempting to advance the story by claiming that the song is in fact all about Ora's relationship with Delevingne, whom Ora apparently openly cited as her muse for the song while recording it.

Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora in January, 2015.

Between apparent references to the model's tattoo of a lion and their past hangs in Malibu, the lyrics do seem to point towards Cara. Still, the time in which they were "practically inseparable" was quite a few years ago: The Sun's gallery of photos of the pair only stretches up to 2015, and it was back in 2013 when Ora gave an interview saying "She’s officially mine. She’s, like, untouchable. I’ve taken her off the market. We call each other 'wifey.'" (She also went on to say that because of said wifey, which she defined as someone who's "like your other half," she had "no time for the opposite sex at the moment.")

Meanwhile, Delevingne seems to be doing her best to stay out of that mess; she recently defended Ora amidst the backlash of criticism that the song "belittles" the LGBTQ+ community. Apparently, she's wisely chosen to keep the trolling to herself—and, of course, whichever woman she next happens to be spotted with.

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A very blonde and very baby-faced Cara Delevingne made an appearance at the Robert Cavalli 40-year celebration at Paris Fashion Week in September 2010. Photo by Getty Images.

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