Cat in wheelchair and three-legged dog are best pals

Meet Scooter and Falco, a cat who needs a wheelchair and a three-legged dog who just love hanging out together.

Scooter, three, is a Siamese cat who injured his spine in an accident and can’t use his hind legs and his buddy Falco, also three, was found on the streets already missing his leg.

The adorable pair have each been through a lot in life, but thankfully they’ve been able to find and share a forever home together with owners Rose Mary Millan and her partner Roy.

Now the pair love getting up to hijinks and often enjoy hiking, wrestling, and napping together.

Their owner, Rose Mary, 49, from Bolivia, South America, shares adorable footage of the pair on social media.

Rose Mary, who is an author, said: ‘They get along well, and they like going out together.

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‘They love to experience the outdoors, and they are very adventurous.

‘At home, their favourite thing to do together is a wrestle, they could wrestle all day.

‘They play together, but only when Falco is in the mood.’

Rose Mary and Roy adopted Falco after a friend found the poor guy as a stray.

‘The vet said the stitching on his wound was very poor,’ she said.

‘She thought he might have been experimented on, as the stitches were just horrific.

‘From the way the wound looked, it definitely wasn’t professional – but we’ll never know for sure what happened.’

Rose Mary and Roy originally planned to just foster Falco and help him find a new home.

However, they had a hard time finding anyone willing to adopt a dog with three legs, so welcomed him into their home permanently with Scooter and their other cat Louis.

When the couple first took in each of their disabled pets, neither one had any mobility aids.

Rose Mary said: ‘Falco only just got his new leg recently.

‘At the moment he isn’t really using it, he just hops around as he would do with three legs.

‘But if we can get him used to it, I think it’ll really help him.’

She added: ‘I don’t look for animals, they find me. I can never leave them behind, especially if they’re disabled.

‘The young and healthy ones always get adopted, but not the older disabled ones.’

If you want to see more, you can follow Scooter and Falco’s adventures on their respective Instagrams – @scooterspath and @bionicfalco

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