Celebrity personal trainer reveals key to maintaining your summer body

Celebrity personal trainer reveals how ANYONE can get fit in three easy steps (and how looking at Instagram late at night can STOP you losing weight)

  • Bradley Simmonds, 24, works with footballer John Terry and Lousie Redknapp
  • Started as a professional footballer before an injury put paid to his career
  • Now a fitness influencer he has recently launched his own book ‘Get it Done’
  • He wants to educate people about sustainable dieting, a philosophy he used to help his sister Connie Simmonds, 25, shed three stone in just 12 weeks

A personal trainer determined to educate people on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle has shared the key to achieving your summer body.

According to Bradley Simmonds, who works some of the UK’s leading sports, entertainment and music talents including John Terry, Jamie Redknapp, Louise Redknapp, Maya Jama, Niall Horan and Emma Bunton, it’s all about confidence.

The 24-year-old from London has just launched his own book ‘Get It Done’ which aims to help fitness beginners achieve their weight loss goals.

He told FEMAIL that anyone can shed the pounds to get healthy and still be body positive: ‘Let’s say someone who is overweight, you’re still beautiful but are you healthy, are you fit?

‘That’s how I look at it, everyone can be healthier and everyone can be fitter.’

The fitness influencer worked with his sister Connie to help her lose weight and drop three stone in 12 weeks

Personal trainer Bradley Simmonds, 24, from London, at Be:Fit Festival in May. He is determined to educate people on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle

As a health, wellbeing and fitness influencer, Bradley started his career as a professional footballer before a tragic injury put him into early retirement.

Bradley decided to become a personal trainer and as well as working with several famous clients, including footballer John Terry, it was his sister Connie, 25, that he said helped him truly connect with his audience.


Find an exercise you enjoy so you can maintain it

Correct your sleeping pattern – no mobile phones in bed

Set yourself small goals that can lead to bigger goals

‘Everyone wants to see someone they relate to, who’s gone on a journey. 

‘Everyone related to my sister straight away, a bigger girl who shouldn’t be that big and she wanted to do something about it,’ he explained. 

After appearing at Be:Fit Festival, a women’s health and fitness festival, alongside the likes of Joe Wicks, Deliciously Ella, and Jasmine Helmsley, Bradley explained to FEMAIL the steps he took.

He said that by showing her eating healthier meals regularly and training consistently, she was able to shed three stone in 12 weeks, and it also helped his audience understand and engage. 

‘She was bigger than she should be at her age, and now she’s a healthy size 12 and we’ve even spoken [recently] about her being a size ten, because she wants to and has set herself a goal and she is happy to do that.’

Bradley worked with his sister Connie Simmonds, who is now launching her own book ‘Healthy Forever’

Bradley’s sister Connie shifted three stone in 12 weeks after enlisting his help to get in a better shape

For anyone wanting to overhaul their health like Connie, Bradley says there are three key steps to take that will ensure the best results.

‘Find an exercise that you enjoy, or train with a friend and be more active.  

‘Another is sleeping pattern. People stuck on their iPhones on Instagram at midnight when they should be sleeping, that all has a big part when it comes to stress, hormones and gaining weight and they’re not seeing results. 

‘Set yourself small goals that lead to bigger goals.

He adds: ‘Look in the future and think about how healthy you are going to look in 50 years time rather than in four weeks time.’ 

Social media plays a big role in Bradley’s business, but he says people should be wary of the images that those in the fitness industry are posting and the reasons behind them.

‘Why you always see my training every day is because it’s my passion, but for someone else fitness might not be their passion. Of course they are not going to have the hunger like I have,’ he said.

 The personal trainer wants to help everyone on their fitness journeys, losing weight and gaining confidence in themselves

‘People need to realise their own journeys and use the likes of myself and others as motivation and inspiration.

‘But don’t compare yourself with me because I’m a professional in that, or someone else might have the extra time to train and do that much.’

Keeping in mind how social media can affect mental health, he adds: ‘Don’t obsess about looking like someone, take your own journey, take your own time and keep pushing yourself.

‘Take pride in what you’re doing, take pride in your fitness and what you’re doing, and take pride in your appearance. 

‘What comes with appearance, comes confidence.’

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