Chad Michael Murray's Wife Roasts Sophia Bush Over Claim That She Was Pressured to Marry Him

It’s been approximately one million years since Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were briefly married while filming One Tree Hill, and yet the drama LIVES ON!

Hot off the heels of Sophia Bush low-key claiming she was pressured into marrying her ex AND him issuing a scathing response, Chad’s wife Sarah Roemer has chimed in with a somewhat shady Instagram post.

Like, she literally created a full MEME that says “Wait a second…my producers also made me marry Chad Michael Murray” and her hashtags are just about the most LOL thing ever. I’m especially into #IwanttobeChadwhenIgrowup. Not sure what it means, but definitely sure I’m here for it.

BTW, if you want some more background, Sophia told Andy Cohen that marrying Chad “was not a thing I actually really wanted to do,” and his rep called her statement “ludicrous,” saying “Chad conducts himself in a completely professional manner and would never marry for any reason but love.”

He also posted this salty AF musing on Twitter:

Do u know what I do every morning? Wake in my loving family’s embrace, make coffee & breakfast 4 the kiddos with my wife. Read 1-2 chapters in the Bible 2 start the day off right. Then we plan how 2 fill the day with love 4 my family & brethren. It’s so simple yet so fulfilling.

Summer 2018, everyone! Welcome!

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