Charles Bronson’s wife admits drink and drugs problem

Charles Bronson’s wife weeps as a letter from the prisoner detailing her drink and drug problems is read live on TV – after he demanded a divorce following her boozy holiday antics

  • Paula Williamson, 37, has revealed she has a problem with drink and drugs 
  • Married Britain’s most violent prisoner in HMP Wakefield in November last year
  • On Loose Women she said she had to ‘eat humble pie’ for falling for Bronson 

Charles Bronson’s wife has admitted she has a drink and prescription drugs problem, after it emerged the notorious prisoner is divorcing her following her wild antics on holiday.

Paula Williamson dissolved in tears during an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Loose Women, after a statement sent in to the show from his cell by Bronson – dubbed Britain’s most violent prisoner – in which he accused of her being addicted to drugs and alcohol was read aloud on air.  

The emotional 37-year-old admitted that her addictions ‘need to stop’, and she credited Bronson, now known as Charles Salvador, for making her realise she had a problem.

It emerged last week that Bronson was divorcing her after pictures surfaced of Paula with a man’s face in her cleavage taken on a wild night out in Tenerife.

The pair married at HMP Wakefield in November last year, after they struck up a relationship when they began writing to one another in 2013.  

Charles Bronson’s wife Paula Williamson has admitted she has a drink and prescription drugs problem (pictured on Loose Women today)

‘Disrespectful’: When photographs of Paula’s antics on holiday surfaced, her husband of eight months announced his plans to divorce her from his prison cell

She went on the show today to admit her regret about her antics, and to apologise to Bronson for ‘humiliating him’.

He sent in a statement to the show saying she had been ‘disrespectful’ on the night out.

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He said: ‘Paula has disrespected me, my mum and most of all herself. I can’t accept that kind of behaviour from somebody who’s supposed to be my wife. 

‘She also has a drink and prescription drug problem, which makes her do crazy things. I can’t be involved with somebody like that. I absolutely abhor alcohol and drugs, she needs to get help. I’ll miss her but she needs to sort herself out or she will be dead in two years.’ 

Charles Bronson, pictured in 2005, recently revealed he is divorcing his wife after just eight months of marriage

Paula began to rub her eyes with a tissue as she admitted that she has struggled with addiction.

She responded: ‘I have got an alcohol problem, I’ve got a drug problem, a prescription drug problem. I’ve had it for years. I know I have.

‘Every single messed up thing I’ve done for a long long time is through alcohol and it needs to stop. It needs to stop and he’s made me realise that.’ 

Bronson first struck up a relationship with Miss Williamson – who also had roles in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks – back in 2013 after they started writing to one another. 

Ms Williamson said she wanted to apologise to Bronson for ‘humiliating’ him with the pictures

She told the panel, who last October had warned her against the relationship, that she was there to eat ‘humble pie’

The pair married at HMP Wakefield in November last year, and had begun dating when they started writing to each other

 The couple were married in November last year, and Williamson has appeared on Loose Women in the past to defend their relationship, claiming he’d changed.

However, today she said she had been wrong to trust him, after his violence continued after they got married.

She said today: ‘As humiliation goes I have been very humiliated. I’ve come on this show I’ve done media because Charlie wanted me to do that and said he was not violent, he’s this he’s that. 

‘Within months he’s reoffended, then he’s offended again, then he’s reoffended again and again.’

Ms Williamson says she is now free to find somebody else now the marriage has come to an end (pictured last year)

She told the panel, who last October had warned her against the relationship, that she was there to eat ‘humble pie’.

However, she said didn’t care if people criticised her now the marriage was coming to an end.

She continued: ‘They can say what they want because I am a strong woman. I am free, I can find someone else.’

‘I don’t want anybody else. I’ve had that much attention as well it’s ridiculous.’


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