‘Chicago Fire’ Season 6 Finale Shocker: Is Dawson Leaving?

Is the firehouse about to lose Dawson? The final moments of the ‘Chicago Fire’ season 6 finale left Dawson’s future wide open.

Those last seconds of the Chicago Fire finale are going to have fans waiting with bated breath for season 7. After a huge fight with Casey, Dawson walks up to Chief Hatcher at the end of the episode and asks for more information about joining the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. NO!!!! Dawsey fans, this is not good. But let’s back up a bit. Dawson’s shocking move comes after her talk with Casey about starting a family.

Dawson has been told that having a baby would be a major risk, but she wants to try. Casey offers up adoption as an option, since it wouldn’t put Dawson’s life in danger, but Dawson doesn’t want to consider that after what happened with Louie. Kids are a sore subject for Dawsey, so maybe Dawson finally reached her breaking point. But there’s still so much they haven’t discussed. She can’t just leave, right?!

The show’s co-creator, Derek Haas, isn’t against the idea of sending Dawson to Puerto Rico, but he’s being very coy about her future. “I would love to be able to go to Puerto Rice and shoot for a week,” he told Us Weekly. “Get Casey there, have Dawson there, but I can’t make any promises. I have no idea. “I can see that episode in my head but I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do it.”

Chicago Fire has been renewed for season 7 and will return in fall 2018. Series stars Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney, who play Casey and Severide, reportedly signed new one-year deals that will take them through season 7, according to our sister site Deadline. Monica Raymund, who plays Dawson, reportedly had not been offered a new contract before the renewal, sparking speculation that she may not return for the seventh season. We have hope, though. Dawsey forever!

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