Chicken egged on to drink pint of Guinness as men cheer in Irish pub

This is the shocking moment a chicken is egged on to drink a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub.

The cockerel was filmed standing on a bar and drinking Guinness from a pint glass while men cheered the bird on.

The video begins with the bird pecking at the stout as men encourage the bird to drink up.

The man filming the animal then says: "Go on you boyo, put your head in the pint.

"We're after spending 4.30 (euro) on that pint. Drink up.

"He'll fight like f**k after he gets this won't he?"

The cockerel – dubbed Seamus – continues to stick his head into the glass and takes several slurps as the crowd film the unusual event.

Bar staff are seen milling around in the background carrying out their usual duties.

The Dublin Society for Prevention for Cruelty to Animals has since condemned the footage, which has racked up over 300,000 views on Facebook.

Gillian Bird, a spokeswoman for the DSPCA, told the Irish Mirror: "Alcohol shouldn't be fed to any sort of animal.

"Any animal being treated this way is disrespectful to it. Alcohol is a toxin and shouldn't be given to an animal.

The DSPCA are appealing to the public for any information regarding the incident to contact them.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the chicken or the men involved in the incident should contact DSPCA via their Facebook page.

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