Child’s viral letter to Santa demands expensive gifts despite ‘deserving a coal’

A child’s letter to Father Christmas went viral after she admits she “failed miserably” to be good – but demands expensive presents anyway.

The nine-year-old girl listed 12 gifts she wanted from Santa and some of them are fairly outrageous.

While she was clearly well spoken and a good writer the little girl fessed up to deserving “a coal”.

The little girl’s older brother found the funny list and shared it on Twitter.

He captioned it: “Y’all, look at this letter my little 9y/r sister wrote to Santa.”

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The blunt primary aged child from Essex said: “Dear beloved Father Christmas, I hope you’ve had a wonderful year and you’ve been well.

“My year has been quite the opposite.

“I’ve tried hard to be good but miserably failed.

“I’ll be honest I do deserve a coal, but please I’d love to have a present.

“Actually more than one.

“Here’s a list – tick the boxes if you have done them.”

The little girl has very expensive taste and asked for both a PlayStation Five and Four, AirPods, a Nintendo Switch, a games console, a mobile laptop, an iPhone 12 and even a new computer – she specifies the “latest” one.

On top of the huge amount of pricey tech, she also wanted a snake, a panda and a penguin all of which should be “not dead” apparently.

But, her list doesn’t end there as she demanded a DJ set, a trip to France (with five tickets), a whole book set of the Wizards of Oz and some hand sanitiser.

Again, she politely ended the letter and said: “Hopefully you succeed to fulfil my requested items.”

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Twitter users cracked up at the letter.

One person said: “A panda & penguin (NOT DEAD).”

While another added: “Sis wants a snake [laughing emoji].”

Others were impressed with her language skills.

One posted joked: "Don’t know what shocks me more; the fact that you have a 9y/o sister, her handwriting or her use of diction and syntax at that age."

While another said: "It’s the handwriting and vocabulary for me… And five tickets to France.

"Damn. Y’all should at least at the bare minimum complete half of her request.

“She invested a lot in making that list."

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