Chloe Green: Why Vaping Is Bad For A Pregnancy — A Doctor Explains The Consequences

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks’ pregnant GF Chloe Green was spied vaping on Saturday, prompting us to explore if this is dangerous for her unborn child. Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details on what we learned.

Billionaire heiress Chloe Green, 27, had fans up in arms on Saturday, May 26, when she was photographed vaping while cruising on a yacht in Monaco with her boyfriend Jeremy Meeks, 34. So, why is this such a big deal? Because she’s 8-months pregnant with the “Hot Felon’s” child! Now, we have no idea what exactly she’s inhaling but these new photos prompted us to reach out to an expert to learn if vaping while pregnant is dangerous — and what we learned is concerning.

“Research is still in early stages, and we won’t know the full effects of vaping for probably another 30 or 40 years, but early studies would appear to indicate that inhaling these chemicals while pregnant could potentially be more damaging than just nicotine alone,” Los Angeles-based doctor Dr. Peter Gonzalez told EXCLUSIVELY. “The Virginia Commonwealth University study indicates that the chemicals used in flavored vapes can cause damage to a fetus’ developing soft muscle, skin tissue and bones that make up the middle face area, leading to increased danger of cleft palate.”

Dr. Gonzalez also addressed using cannabis vapes while expecting a child and the potential consequences. “As for smoking cannabis vapes while pregnant, you need to remember that whatever the pregnant mother is ingesting then the embryo will be ingesting too,” he said. “The primary dangers of using cannabis while pregnant are the risk of preterm delivery, and low birth weight.”

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