Chloe X Halle Talk 'Grown-Ish' Relationships And The Best Lesson They've Learned About Love

Tonight, season 3 of Grown-ish returns to Freeform, and from the looks of things, there may be some relationship shakeups. Though the trailer doesn’t give away all the tea, a tearful snippet of Chloe’s character Jaz suggests she and her boo Doug might be parting ways.

“Season three is definitely a huge whirlwind for both Jaz and Sky, my sister and I’s characters,” Chloe Bailey tells ESSENCE. “Where it got left off last was when Jaz asked Doug to wait for her so she can focus on her track and her career and bettering herself so we just have to see where it goes from there. That’ll be really interesting to see if Doug can wait.”

Interesting is right. Typically, waiting and relationships don’t tend to go together well, especially during college. Just watching the characters on the Black-ish spinoff reminds us how difficult navigating love and life is at that age. And for Chloe X Halle, they’re not only doing so on screen but also in real life. We asked the singing duo what’s the best lesson they’ve learned about love at their age and they told us this.

“For me, I keep hearing it’s very important to learn to love you first and how self-love is so very important when it comes to a loving relationship and it feels like now I’m really starting to resonate with that advice,” says Halle Bailey who’ll be 21 in March. “It’s so important, especially as I venture into my relationships and love and getting lost in the amazingness and struggles of it all. It is very important to remember to love yourself first and know that you are the prize and you are important.”

For Chloe, a self-described “hopeless romantic” — and Cancer sign — a different, surprising lesson resonated with her.

“Mine would have to be not to expect too much from people so that you’re not let down so hard, and what you do expect out of other people, see that within yourself,” the 22-year-old says.

While that may sound a bit pessimistic, Chloe’s core reason for that outlook is similar to that of her sisters: loving and liking one’s self first. “If I make myself happy, I don’t need to put that on someone else,” she adds. “I can just find someone who adds to me in a way — doesn’t make me happy, but I’m happy when I’m with them.”

Check out what else Chloe X Halle had to say about the next season of Grown-ish and finally being seen as grown, young women in the video above.

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