Chris Brown More Attracted Than Ever To Rihanna In Spite Of Diss – Her ‘Curves Are Kickin’

Rihanna said that Chris Brown wasn’t worth her time, but as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned, he isn’t letting that ‘dampen’ his feelings for her, as Chris has never been ‘more hot’ for his ex!

Rihanna, 30, sang “chains and whips excite me” in “S&M,” but it seems Chris Brown, 29, is really the one who’s really into the tough love. Rihanna recently said that until she found Hassan Jameel, she had no one in her life that was “worth” her attention. This subtle shade snared all her past loves, including Breezy. Is Chris pouting over being called a waste of time? “Rihanna’s dismissive comments are not doing anything to dampen Chris’s attraction to her, a friend of Chris’s EXCLUSIVELY told “He’s more attracted to her than ever right now.”

“Chris thinks Rihanna’s curves are kickin’,” the source tells, “and it bugs the hell out of him that Hassan is blocking him from getting close to her. Chris is burning up with jealousy right now, he’s never been more hot for Rihanna.” Perhaps Breezy could – you know – take the hint? Considering Rihanna just low-keyed said that she was wasting herself on him, maybe it’s a sign that he should stick to bowling with Jordyn Woods and leave Rihanna be?

Despite recognizing that their relationship had “major issues” – which is the nice way to describe the now infamous case of domestic violence that sent Rihanna to the hospital – a source EXCLUSIVELY told that Chris felt that what he and Rihanna had was “passionate,” “real” and “unforgettable.” For her to casually brush the relationship off as if it never happened or it never mattered left did leave Chris feeling a bit dejected. “They were each other’s first real love, and Chris feels sad that she doesn’t remember it the same way or refuses to acknowledge it ever happened.”

Though, Drake, 31, would argue that he and Rihanna were “first loves,” after they connected in 2005 when she shot her “Pon De Replay” video at a restaurant in Toronto. Similarly, Drake was hurt by something Rihanna said in her Vogue interview. Rihanna said that that they “don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.” Drake, like Chris, “still has feeling for her,” a source close to Drizzy EXCLUSVELY told us. However, Drake is looking on the bright side. “At least she doesn’t consider him an enemy.”

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