Chris Hemsworth Is a Sexy Cult Leader in Bad Times at the El Royale Trailer

Consider this your gritty, hard-boiled substitute to The Grand Budapest Hotel with a dash of Murder on the Orient Express interpersonal intrigue. Wes Anderson would never!

The first trailer for Bad Times at the El Royale dropped Thursday, and besides the requisite shot of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth gracing the screen—giving the people what they want, truly—this looks like an intriguing drama with a dynamite cast. Set in a storied but crumbling hotel on the California–Nevada border, the period piece unfolds when seven assorted guests check in for the evening of what should seemingly be drinking and snoozing—including Jon Hamm as a vacuum cleaner salesman, Jeff Bridges as a refined priest, and Hemsworth as a cult leader—but transforms into a full-fledged thriller with everyone trying to hide their super dark secret, at whatever the cost. (Twist: Bridges’s character isn’t actually a priest.) So, yes, there’s probably going to be a murder or two, and it doesn’t help that a group of sinister people are watching their every move from afar.

“I knew this was going to be a hard movie to pitch. I just went and wrote it on spec so I could just hand them the document and say, ‘Here’s what it is.’ Anything in one-sentence form was going to sound trite,” the film’s director, Drew Goddard, recently explained to EW, noting how rewarding it is to blend original humor and drama in modern filmmaking. (You know his directorial work from The Martian, which was successful with its genre-bending.) “That’s what movies are missing—I can watch these movies and know where they’re going to go, because they have to support the franchise, so there isn’t a true danger, one that movies that are wholly original have.”

The film will be out on October 5. Think of Hemsworth’s abs in the meantime.

A young Chris Hemsworth attends the Star Trek Los Angeles premiere in 2009, wearing a slim fitting suit .

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