Cleaner reveals the way you're mopping may be making your floor dirtier

Mopping – it’s pretty simple right? You have your mop, your bucket full of water, and plenty of floor space to get through.

Most of us don’t think twice when we go side to side with the tool, but one cleaner has advised against that technique.

Kacie, a professional cleaner from Melbourne, has said this method is bad for your floors as it lets the dirt slosh around – meaning you’re actually just spreading dirt further rather than cleaning it up.

The expert said when you’re mopping wooden floors, going against the grain is a huge mistake.

Instead, Kacie recommended going with the grain, which she said adds a shine.

Kacie shared a TikTok demonstrating how to mop to get optimum results.

And viewers can’t get enough, with more than 200,000 people tuning into the video.

Kacie said: ‘When it comes to life, I prefer people who go against the grain.

‘But when it comes to cleaning, I don’t want to see anybody going against the grain.

‘When you do it that way, you get particles stuck in the crevices. But when you go with the grain you get a nice clean shine, which applies to stainless steel too’.

With more than two million likes on Kacie’s TikTok channel, entitled The Big Clean Co, people certainly trust the cleaner’s advice.

Some commented that it was what they ‘needed to hear’ while others asked Kacie plenty of cleaning questions.

A few people disputed Kacie’s tip, saying ‘that’s not how flooring works’ and that it was just easiest to mop side to side.

Kacie replied that this was just her preferred method. She also has other recommendations for cleaning, including how to get a grease-free oven without using harsh chemicals.

Some of us certainly need all the tips we can get.

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