Cleaning fans reveal hacks to keeping spiders away from the home

Cleaning fans reveal their natural hacks for keeping spiders away from the home including conkers and lavender oil

  • A home owner desperate to keep eight-legged insects out begged for advice
  • Several people suggested using conkers place strategically around the home
  • It’s believed that a chemical inside repels spiders but it hasn’t been proven

Cleaning fans have revealed the best way to keep out pesky spiders from coming indoors are conkers placed strategically around the house.

A home owner desperate to keep eight-legged insects out begged for advice on a Facebook cleaning group after the lavender spray she had been using stopped working as well. 

Luckily many others were on hand to reveal that conkers worked a treat despite initially being thought of as an old wives’ tale, as it’s believed there is a chemical inside that repels spiders, but this hasn’t been scientifically proven. 

As well as conkers (above) suggestions include moving any plants outside further away from the house so spiders had less chance of coming indoors

One home owner asked for the best advice when it comes to getting rid of spiders and many suggested conkers, or get a cat to attack them

The woman wrote on Facebook group ‘We Love Mrs Hinch’: ‘SPIDERS!!! How does everyone cope? I already use lavender but it’s stopped working.’ 

‘Put conkers on window ledges!’ offered one.

‘Conkers in little dishes or vases hidden all over the house,’ added another.

‘Conkers. We collect fresh conkers each year and have them in bowls in the rooms. It really helps a lot,’ shared one organised woman.

Others were more practical in their bid to keep spiders away by revealing they trained their cats to attack and kill the creatures. 

Some advised that if conkers didn’t work that anything citrus or mint based would also help to deter the insects away

Although conkers proved a popular solution some said that if that didn’t work, choosing oils with citrus or mint scents were a great hack, or move plants outside away from the house.

‘I found the method water mint spray really worked well on the skirting boars and around the doors and it smells amazing too. My bathroom was so spidery but not since I’ve been doing that,’ revealed one pleased woman. 

‘Few drops of peppermint oil mixed with water in a spray bottle, spray around windows and outside doors etc, you won’t see them again,’ said another.

In the past scientists have cast doubt on the effectiveness of conkers with some experts say saponin gives the seeds a bitter taste and a smell that could act as a natural repellent. 

As spiders seek to find somewhere dry inside home owners are desperate to keep them away from their house

But Dr Geoff Oxford of the British Arachnological Society pointed out that the Royal Society of Chemists debunked it as a myth in 2010.

Schoolchildren in Cornwall placed spiders in boxes with conkers, and found they climbed over the seeds.

Spiders were also placed in a water tank with a choice of escaping across a bridge made of wood or conkers, and most chose the conker route.

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