Cleaning guru’s top tips for a Christmas Day with less mess and no fuss

Christmas is a time for joy, goodwill and – most of the time – mess.

It might be the season where we all have a merry time and let ourselves go, but the festivities don't come without a fair amount of mess.

Luckily for us cleaning guru Danielle Mason is on hand to give her top tips on how to reduce the mess around the house this Christmas.

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Danielle has over 20 years experience in good house keeping, and loves to help people keep their homes as squeaky clean as possible.

The cleaning pro, who is known as Miss Mason Cleaning on Instagram, is known for sharing handy tips and tricks that can be used around the house.

Recently she spoke exclusively to Daily Star about simple steps you can take to make the festive season a lot easier.

By doing some simple things before the big day, she said you'll be able to keep your house as clean as possible, and it will reduce the amount of time spent tidying up on the big day.

What are Danielle's top tips?

  • Bins – make sure you empty all the bins out on Christmas Eve. Then bleach it and leave it soak in boiling water to make sure it stays fresh over the festive season
  • Tree pines – spray the tree with extra hold hairspray to prevent bits from falling off. You could also put double-sided tape at the bottom of Christmas tree to collect any other little bits that fall off
  • Silverware – leave the silverware to soak in baking soda, warm water and salt to get it as clean as possible before setting the dinner table
  • Baking trays – sprinkle baking soda over your roasting pans, then pour on some vinegar and watch the reaction. If you leave this for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing them they'll be in top condition for cooking

  • Wrapping paper – get an empty box and compact all wrapping paper in there ready for recycling. To keep things as mess-free as possible, press it down with your full body weight, as this will compact all rubbish as opposed to over-crowding the bins
  • Toys – make sure any old toys, clothes and make-up you don’t want are binned ready to replace them with new
  • Furniture – make sure it's polished and dust free for guests
  • Rugs – use as many rugs and floor covers as you can to make sure carpets are protected from any potential spillages
  • Dishwasher – ensure it's emptied and clean before the big day so you're not worried about washing up
  • The guest rooms – make sure bathrooms are cleaned down, and leave fresh sheets and clean towels and plenty of hand soap for guests, so you don't have to worry about going back and fore


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