Close Your Eyes, and You'll Think This America's Got Talent Singer Is Whitney Houston

When it comes to covering a Whitney Houston song, any performer has pretty big shoes to fill, but America’s Got Talent contestant Glennis Grace certainly rose to the occasion. The 39-year-old mother put her nerves on the back burner and belted out a stunning rendition of Houston’s “Run to You” that had the entire studio audience (and all four judges!) on their feet. Her angelic voice even garnered a rare smile from Simon Cowell — bonus points!

“I’m just sitting here thinking you look amazing, you sound amazing,” Cowell said after her performance, according to USA Today. “I feel like I’m looking at a star already.” Mel B chimed in, “It’s almost like you sounded exactly like Whitney Houston. I want you to take Whitney Houston, embody her, but then I want to see more of you.” Watch Grace’s entire standing ovation-worthy performance above to see her doing Houston some serious justice.

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