CM Punk Says He’ll Decline Donald Trump White House Invite If Asked: ‘A Racist Is A Racist’

The 39-year-old former WWE Champion said that he won’t hang out with anyone whom he perceives to be racist, regardless if they’re “in the White House” or if they “live down the street” from him.

Following his recent court victory against a top WWE doctor and the comments he made in the aftermath of the decision, it looks like Phil Brooks, known in both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts circles as CM Punk, is completely done with wrestling. Yet he doesn’t appear to be any less opinionated and upfront as before, as suggested by recent remarks he made about Donald Trump, and how he’d react if the president invited him to the White House.

In an interview posted Thursday on the FanSided MMA YouTube page, Punk discussed a variety of topics, including the challenges he faced while trying to make weight for UFC 225 and the latest comic books he’s read. He also spent a few minutes discussing his thoughts on a possible White House invitation, considering Trump’s controversial decision to disinvite the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles because of their perceived disrespect toward the national anthem.

“Number one, I would not be invited. Number two, no I would not go,” said CM Punk, who seemed to compare a White House invitation from Trump to an invitation from former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke to eat tacos at his house.

“I call it like I see it – a racist is a racist. I don’t care if you’re in the White House or you live down the street from me, I’m not hanging out with you.”

The comments came in the light of Donald Trump’s statement on Friday that suggested he won’t be inviting this year’s NBA champions, regardless if it may be the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers, as each team’s respective top players, Stephen Curry and LeBron James, have publicly confirmed they won’t be going to the White House. According to USA Today, the president was nonetheless hopeful that this year’s NHL champions, the Washington Capitals, would be making a White House visit, following their first-ever Stanley Cup victory on Thursday.

As for CM Punk, the former WWE superstar’s remarks about Trump were made just one day after he commented on the myriad rumors that he might be returning to professional wrestling, given that he and fellow wrestler Colt Cabana (aka Scott Colton in real life) recently won a defamation lawsuit filed by WWE doctor Chris Amann. According to, Punk told UFC content editor Aaron Bronsteter that he’s “done with professional wrestling,” stressing that he had said similar things in the past, only for him to encounter some fans who still hope that he’d return to the industry where he first became a household name.

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