Colleen Ballinger Loses Sponsorships After Alleged Inappropriate Behavior With Minors

Colleen Ballinger has made a career out of her online persona Miranda Sings, but apparently, not all of her jokes have been funny. Recently, footage from a past live show has resurfaced in which Colleen is being accused of making inappropriate jokes involving minors.

During the stunt, which took place during one of Colleen’s live comedy shows, she calls a teenage audience member to the stage to have them participate in a sketch.

The comedian proceeds to get the girl to lie on her back, and then she spreads her legs apart, while they’re in the air. Fart noises proceeded to play over speakers while Colleen, in character, pretends the girl is the source of the sound, all in front of the crowded venue.

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This isn’t the only “joke” that Colleen has faced backlash for. She’s similarly been criticized for one sketch that involved a young attendee pretending to be in labour, and for making crass comments toward minors in the audience.

Colleen’s career is also starting to suffer from the backlash, as she’s lost multiple collaborations in the wake of the resurfaced footage.

According to TMZ, at least two companies that pay for ads on her podcast have cut ties. One of the businesses, OneSkin, issued a statement to the publication confirming their decision.

“We were made aware of this previously and have decided to cease the relationship completely,” OneSkin stated. “This behavior is appalling and we do not condone or support it in any form.”

Another company, Zocdoc, which is a healthcare marketplace, also confirmed to TMZ it not longer wants to be associated with Colleen’s podcast.

The publication predicts that Colleen’s career could continue to suffer amid the fallout. So far, the YouTube hasn’t released a statement addressing the loss of her sponsors.

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The controversy has prompted other people to come forward with their criticisms of Collene, including YouTuber Adam McIntyre, who claims she groomed and bullied underage fans.

Adam has released a series of videos, which racked up millions of views in mere days. He claims to have been part of a group chat with Colleen and primarily underage fans, where she would allegedly criticize their appearance, encourage bullying, and ask inappropriate questions (like about their sexual history). Colleen has yet to address these accusations, either.

With over 22 million subscribers across her online platforms, Colleen has a reported net wealth of $12 million, though it may not stay that way in the wake of the recent allegations.

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