Cooking hacks to turn leftover Easter eggs into yummy chocolate desserts

It's fair to say most of us will have a lot of chocolate lying around the house this week.

After a pretty eggcellent Easter weekend – many will be left thinking they can't eat another bite.

But it's a great shame to waste food, and an even greater shame to waste chocolate.

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While the kids may try their best to make their way through all the different chocolates, it's likely you'll always have some left over.

It gets to a point where you just can't eat anymore, and sometimes we all have eyes bigger than our bellies.

But using leftover choccies to make other culinary delights is a good way to avoid waste – not to mention the kids will be more than occupied if they're cooking during the school holidays.

So, if you stocked up on a few too many Easter treats, here are some simple ways to use up all the leftovers.

Earlier this month baking expert and all-around food lover Mark from shared some ideas with the Yorkshire Evening Post, and they are pretty easy to pull off.

Indulge in a fondue

If you simply melt down the leftover chocolate you'll end up with a pretty tasty fondue.

You can use the hot gooey loveliness as a sweet sauce and dip in fruit, marshmallows or whatever you fancy.

Hot cocoa bombs

Fan of hot chocolate?

This could take your warming drink to a whole new level.

If you hollow out the smaller chocolate eggs then you'll be able to fill them up with a hot cocoa mix, and top them with little marshmallows.

Then all you need to do is seal the edges with a little more melted chocolate to make it even more decadent.

When you want to enjoy the warming treat simply put the bomb into a mug and smother it with hot milk.

This will create a gorgeously rich hot chocolate.

Make your popcorn poppin'

Use your leftovers to jazz up other snacks.

One way you could do this is by melting the chocolate, and then using it to coat your popcorn.

If you toss your corn evenly in the chocolate mix it will leave you with the perfect movie snack when cooled.

DIY truffles

You've guessed it – this is another good way to melt your eggs.

But this time you'll need to add a little cream to make a smooth and creamy ganache.

When you've cooled it all down all you need to do is roll the mixture into small balls before coating them with a little cocoa powder.

You can even add some crushed nuts or sprinkles if you fancy.

Sex up your smoothie

Ok, we know smoothies are meant to be good for you, but we're allowed to indulge at Easter right?

All you need to do is blitz your chocolate up with some milk, ice and a banana to make the perfect shake.

The simple mixture will leave you with a pretty glorious smoothie!

Dipped fruit

On the other hand, if you feel the family would benefit from a little fruit following the festivities, there are ways you can encourage the little ones to eat them.

One way would be to melt the eggs and use the mixture to make chocolate dipped fruits.

You could use fruits such as strawberries, bananas or pineapple to make a treat with a healthier twist.


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