Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel and Adam Barlow offer Peter their livers as he's put on the transplant list

THINGS will finally start to look up for Peter Barlow as he’s put on the transplant list next week in Coronation Street. 

Peter has damaged his liver after years of battling with alcoholism and needs a transplant to survive.

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Corrie viewers will remember that Peter recently went into hospital to get a new liver but was told it wasn’t suitable at the last minute. 

When one of Harvey’s thugs broke in and tried to catch Simon, who had escaped from his hideaway to see his dad, Peter started a fight with the thug so his son could get away safely. 

The hospital then worried that Peter wasn’t taking his health seriously and removed him from the transplant list in a shock twist. 

But next week, Peter will get the great news that he’s been put back on the list. 

Daniel will suggest to Adam that they should offer themselves up as liver donors for Peter. 

Adam is reluctant, but will he turn down an opportunity to save Peter’s life?

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